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It's Time To End New Girl

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks it's time to leave the loft for good.

A long, long time ago, there was a quirky, promising new sitcom on Fox that captured hearts and Emmy nominations. The year was 2011 and it was the first time we met the lovable weirdos of New Girl. It was fresh, charming, and wacky; for a time, it was really good television.

Cut to 2016, as the show is launching what I can only hope is its final season. I am not a crackpot, but Fox needs to cancel New Girl.

I say this as a devoted fan. I've loved the show dearly and recommended it to many people. I've referenced great moments from it countless times. But it's given us the best it had to offer, and it's time to let it go.

Networks are in the bad habit of letting shows go on too long. Remember how the entire last season of How I Met Your Mother was just a wedding? Or how The Office managed to pump out another two seasons after Steve Carell left? Or that The Big Bang Theory is still on? I don't want any of these indignities to happen to New Girl. I want it to go out on its own terms. I don't want it to drone on until I don't care about it -- which, admittedly, is already starting to happen.

Fortunately, the show is in a great position to wrap things up. Nick and Schmidt own the bar. Schmidt and Cece are married. Coach moved to NYC for love. Winston is doing well as a cop, and has a sweet girlfriend and the love of his cat. The only loose end is Nick and Jess. Nick is doing the long-distance thing with Reagan, but we know that can't work out. Jess has admitted that she has feelings for Nick again (something that seems to surprise the other characters, but, I mean, duh). All the writers need to do is get Jess and Nick back together and it's all tied up.

It's getting fairly obvious that the cast is going through the motions at this point. Zooey Deschanel seems like she's lost her hold on a character that once seemed to come so naturally to her. Max Greenfield used to be the beating heart of this show, but even his portrayal of Schmidt is a deflated now. Lamorne Morris seems to be the only one who still cares and, consequently, the scenes with Winston have become the most fun to watch, although even Winston's "prank" marriage last season was a little too close to the series of escalating dares that led GOB to get married on Arrested Development. And Schmidt and Cece's wedding was downright unmemorable.

In fact, the basic premise of the show itself is becoming a little absurd. When the show started, the characters were in their late twenties, and it seemed totally logical that they would need to live with roommates. Six years later, it's just weird. Schmidt and Cece are married and still live in the loft with their friends, but Winston and Jess both have stable jobs and even Nick has it together: there is no reason they should all still live together -- particularly Nick and Jess! Of course she can't get over him! It's hard enough to get past a breakup when you live in the same city as your ex, let alone when you still have to share a bathroom.

This show had a great run, but it's time for it to come to an end. Just get Jess and Nick back together and call it a day. I am not a crackpot.

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