Nashville Pays Tribute To Rayna Jaymes

And the most touching one comes from those closest to her.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Rayna Jaymes, Vol. 2

    Well, we don't actually see the funeral, and I suppose this is all sad enough but I kind of wouldn't have minded hearing a proper eulogy for Rayna. At least we'll have Juliette at the awards show, but for now, amidst the pouring rain and tears, Deacon chokes out a famous verse from W.H. Auden's "Funeral Blues," and that's probably all I need to say about that. Sniff.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Will can't believe the storm, and Scarlett sighs that it's like the sky is crying too! Juliette, Bucky, and Emily make their appearances, while Tandy notes that Rayna would have hated everyone packed into her kitchen: "She'd just chase us right out!"


    Watty even shows up! I forgot about that old coot!


    Zach has put together a remembrance video of Rayna, but Bucky can't deal with it, prompting Zach to chastise himself! The young people plus Tandy then gather for a toast, but Zach makes a mess of that too until Avery smoothly takes over! If only Zach had someone with better social skills to help him in situations such as this!


    Glenn tells Juliette that the CMT Awards are courting Faith Hill to do their Rayna tribute, but Juliette is like, nuh nuh nuh, I'm doing it and I'll go full trailer park on anyone who tells me otherwise! I'm glad Juliette finding God hasn't changed what's best about her!


    Scarlett goes to find Deacon in his bedroom and tells him he can be however he needs to right now! She also hands over Zach's tribute for him to watch when he's ready! Scarlett, this episode's sad enough; you don't have to actively solicit more tears!


    As they happen to leave at the same time, Zach pointedly asks Will if his number's still in his phone! Taking his meaning, Will admits he didn't call because he thought dating each other would be weird with them working together! Zach replies that he doesn't stand on ceremony! But will he lie down on it? All signs point to yes!


    Looking for Clay, Maddie comes across Juliette, who tells Maddie she reminds her so much of Rayna: "You have her fire"! Awww, we all need Juliette now more than ever!


    Maddie finds Clay outside, and it's apparent he's having a hard time dealing! Maddie is hurt but tells him to go!


    Bucky sobs on the couch! Of all things hard to watch, this is one of the hard-to-watchiest!


    Maddie finds Deacon, who brokenly admits he doesn't know who he is without Rayna! Maddie replies, "You're my dad," and great, I have to rehydrate AGAIN!

  • I Am Not A Crackpot

    Dear Mister President, There Is No Way A Judge Would Hand Custody Of Children To A Convicted Felon Who's Currently In Jail. I Am Not A Crackpot!

    Before we brace ourselves for the custody discussion that's going to take up a lot of the rest of this episode, may I point out that Teddy, bereavement furlough notwithstanding, is currently incarcerated? And even if he is getting out in three months -- it's bullshit that he knows that already, but I don't have time right now -- he is still a CONVICTED FELON who was dumb enough to misappropriate public money and get caught up in a sting operation that wasn't even meant for him, all because he had ridiculous feelings for That Hooker? Even with Deacon's temper issues, what judge would ever? I am not a crackpot!

  • Meeting Time

    Second Prize Is TWO Custody Trials!

    Who called the meeting? Rayna, by dying.

    What's it about? Settling her affairs.

    How'd it go? Not great. As it happens, Rayna neglected to update her wishes regarding both guardianship of the kids and Highway 65. Complicating the former is the fact that Teddy is Daphne's biological father and legally adopted Maddie, so he's the default choice; if anyone wants to contest that, they would have to bring the matter to a judge, who would likely need to hear painful testimony from the kids. And as far as H65 goes, the payment for Wheelin' Dealin' Records is due, and the company is going to need leadership from someone competent. (And on another note, where is Luke? I know the show's on a budget, but he and Rayna almost got married; if they didn't shell out for one more guest appearance for Will Chase to save a few bucks, that's criminal.) Anyway, in the aftermath, Teddy is at his smarmy worst and is also backed up by Tandy, who says she has millions of her own money in Highway 65 and would like to see it run by someone who knows what he's doing. And your choice for that is…also Teddy? Who, I must take pains to point out, is in JAIL? Why not you; that would at least make SOME sense!

  • Hell No!

    Sister, Sister

    Maddie and Daphne talk a bit about how they both had a dream that Rayna was still alive before wondering if the courts might split them up, and I have practically worn my fingers out decrying Maddie's spoiled brat-itude over the past few seasons, but the thought of these two being forcibly separated is a large number of bridges too far. STOP, dicks.

  • Hell Yeah!

    Support System

    With Maddie feeling pressure and grief from all sides, Clay turns back up and tells her he wants to be there for her; it's been very difficult for him since he didn't have emotional support when his own mother died and as such never really dealt with the loss, but he doesn't want to let her down. Maddie gratefully accepts this explanation and his presence, and it's nice that SOME PEOPLE on the show are acting like adults, right?

  • It's A Date

    Undercover Boss

    Who's on a date? Zach and Will.

    Where? A Nashville museum that's actually devoted to art and not music.

    Are things headed in a horizontal direction? Well, at first Will reiterates his reticence because of their work relationship and unbalanced power dynamic. However:

    2017-03-03-nashville-will-zach-kiss 2017-03-03-nashville-will-zach-hands

    So yes, although it'll probably take another couple episodes.

  • That Quote
    "I miss seeing her in the kitchen."
    - Daphne, whose simple remembrance of Rayna is the deepest cut of all -
  • Family Matters

    Too Much To Bear

    Who's causing a family crisis? Daphne.

    How? Freaking out about the impossible choice she's facing regarding her own custody.

    Which relatives have a problem with it? Teddy and Tandy don't have a problem with it, per se, but they're not backing down either.

    Who's an unlikely ally? Deacon, who overhears Daphne's lament to Scarlett, at which point you can actually see what's left of his heart break right in two.

    Spoiler: Jail hasn't sucked all Teddy's humanity away.

  • Meeting Time

    Passing The Torch

    Who called the meeting? Juliette.

    What's it about? Convincing Maddie that she should sing the tribute instead of her.

    How'd it go? Well, there's some serious time pressure, as Will is already onstage doing the warmup dedication and some crew member is all over Juliette's jock to get out there already. But Juliette won't be swayed from her position that Maddie is the right person to sing Rayna home, and Maddie doesn't rush back to her seat, so it looks like the message is received.

  • Wrap It Up

    Juliette takes the stage and tells the crowd how she grew up dirt-poor, but they had the radio, and she'll never forget the first time she heard Rayna on it! She goes on that it seemed like Rayna was speaking only to her, and she taught her how to dream! Her voice breaks as she goes on that Rayna lived her dreams, and Juliette losing it will seeeriously be more than I can take!


    But when Juliette looks to her side, she sees Maddie nod to her from the wings! Juliette tells her, "Don't be scared, baby girl. The world loved your mom, and now the world just wants to see what's in your heart" (WHOOONK), and Maddie walks out and sings! After a few lines, she breaks down, but Deacon and Daphne get onstage to console her, and then they're all singing "Sanctuary" to a standing ovation!


    Teddy reverses his stance and tells Deacon he should keep the girls, and maybe they can work out some arrangement when he gets out! Out of where, you ask? JAIL!


    Deacon, Maddie, and Daphne return to the stage for more tearful adulations! God, I hope next week cuts down on the waterworks, or my computer's going to short out! See you then!

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