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Reason Describes/links to past My Strange Addiction subjects, many of whose strange addictions are just straight-up gross.

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My Strange Addiction Is Back For A Sixth Season Of Nightmare Fuel

This is Robert/Sherry. ...Yep.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are fascinated by My Strange Addiction, and those who are on My Strange Addiction.

...Fine, maybe not. Maybe some of you are too classy or easily startled or have too quick a gag reflex to subject yourselves to a show that once featured a woman who couldn't stop chewing urine-soaked diapers, and another who'd grown her toenails to hyperfetish lengths, and good lord, this poor bastard and his Justin Bieber surgeries. You are probably already furious at me for the still that leads this post. If so, I'm sorry.

I'm not that sorry, though, because this show is amazing and I'm so happy it's back, particularly given the subject matter of tonight's Season 6 premiere. Sometimes, you watch a segment and think, "This weirdo just wanted to get on TV and came up with this cockamamie 'I eat VapoRub' nonsense." But something like this is so upsetting and disturbing that you just know it has to be real.


"Sure," you're thinking. "He's a transvestite, so what? Hello, Eddie Izzard?"

Yeah. But no.

Slow clap, My Strange Addiction. Here's hoping this season is 500 episodes long.

My Strange Addiction airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on TLC.

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