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USA Renews Mr. Robot For A Third Season

It's a good time for strange and daring programs to be alive.

Isn't this announcement a little early? Psh, of course not. When a network -- in this case, USA-- knows it has a hit on its hands, it'll want to lock in that cast and creative team. And Mr. Robot is definitely a hit. Even though the second season isn't averaging as well as the first (with just a little under a million weekly viewers per episode), it's still a big show for USA.

How so? Well, its first season has also been nominated for six Emmy Awards.

So, uh. It's probably worth watching, right? For fans of dramatic thrillers, definitely. Right now the show is in the midst of Season 2, which is set to wrap up on September 14th. Amazon Prime members can catch up and watch the first season for free with their membership.

When will the third season come out? The best guess is 2017, but since creator Sam Esmail recently told Entertainment Weekly that he was hoping for a bigger break between seasons, it's not totally set in stone.


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