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Prepare To Love Moone Boy

1. Chris O'Dowd is in it. 2. He plays a kid's imaginary friend. Would you like to know more?

What Is This Show? Moone Boy.

Where Can I Watch It? Hulu.

Where Is It From? The UK (specifically, Sky1).

What's It About? In early '80s west Ireland (just ignore the continuity error of an Edward Scissorhands mention in the series premiere), Martin Moone (David Rawle) gets through life with his three dismissive older sisters, ineffectual dad, largely-absent-in-the-pilot mom, and two sadistic school bullies with the help of his imaginary friend Sean (Chris O'Dowd).

So It's Basically...: ...the imaginary friend whimsy of Drop Dead Fred or Willard meets the fractious Irish-family comedy of The Snapper.

And I'll Like It If...:'re okay with seeing basically innocent kids get gently abused; dad friendships; surly teens; Chris O'Dowd.

But I Might Not Like It If...: find Irish folksiness tiresome; you are more interested in Chris O'Dowd than in the show's other elements, because he is definitely not its star.

How Would An American Remake Be Most Likely To Ruin It? Martin would probably be played by some gratingly precocious little puke of a child actor, and Sean would be played by Andy Dick.

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