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Out With The Old, In With The…Oh, Who Cares?

How Misfits lost its original cast and lost its way.

I just checked my emotional dipstick and, yep, I'm still sullen about the lack of Simon (and, to a lesser extent, Alisha). In fact, I had to watch the Season 4 opener in non-consecutive sittings, so strong was my aversion to going any further with this. I want to travel back in time and watch only the first three seasons on a loop. Making matters worse, now I'm also Kelly-deprived. She's on a long-term charity mission to defuse land-mines in Africa? That's what the writers went with?!? It's almost like they were playing a game of chicken, daring the network to can the show. Would that it had. Season 4 episodes seemed doubly long, with half the entertainment value. Each one elicited one of those way, way back eye-rolls that I usually reserve for when my mom calls to talk about new flower bed additions or a retirement party's buffet menu.

I'm complaining too much, yeah? But wouldn't you? Replacing Kelly was a low suckerpunch. It's like if Buffy, Xander, and Willow all left their series midstream, leaving you stuck with only Dawn, Anya, and Giles. Wouldn't you want to quit TV?

Rudy and Curtis are left to hold down the community center, joined by dead-eyed, unaffected Jess and doofy Hobbit Finn. Oh, and Aimless Abbey is tacked on halfway through, seemingly because they just had an extra orange jumpsuit lying around. Their arrival heralds a season that hardly seems to be about powers at all. Finn is telepathic, but only barely, and Jess can see through walls, though she does it only two or three times the entire season. Meanwhile, Abbey is...I don't know...tall. They're trying to get me to play "guess the power" with her, but I'm not taking the bait because she's in no way engaging.

From the start, Finn and Jess seem to have a "will they, won't they" that no one in their right mind could ever care about. The many facets of Finn's social life inexplicably stretch out in exhaustive detail. He has issues with his high school sweetheart, issues with his stepmom, issues with his newfound dad and sister. Ugh! It's like, either have a cool power, be a good enough actor to shine through the dull character, or be hot. This guy's batting zero.

And where are my fun adversaries? Sure, that suit-wearing killer bunny provided a searing mental image. But all of Finn's and Jess's moping overshadowed what could've been a full-on creep show. What other foes have they given me? The new sadistic probation worker, the Jon Voight lookalike? A racist, telepathic guide dog? (Wait. That was kinda funny.) A penis-stealing bandit? (Someone in the LGBT community had to have written angry letters over that one, right?) Two different manipulative girlfriends? Okay, admittedly, one of those was at least hardcore enough to bring about the demise of the last original cast member.

Ohhh, Curtis. My husband checked back in during S04E04 (after deserting me in Season 2) and his first comment was: "Oh, this guy's still on there?" My response: "Yeah, he's here. Where the hell else is he going?" I was laughably wrong, seeing as how he doesn't last the episode. In the end, zombie martyr Curtis goes out as a hero, really, considering that he put a bullet in that very flat "Black Widow" storyline of his. He also bowed out with this winning exchange:

Rudy: Are you sure we can't manufacture some sort of a happy ending?
Curtis: There ain't no happy endings. It's zombie noir, innit?

Silly me. I should've figured that, by now, anybody I've grown to like is marked for death, or departure. So, I guess that means Rudy's days are numbered. I started seeing this character as more than just "Not-Nathan" this season, thanks to Joseph Gilgun's rather impressive acting range. I may not always understand what he's saying, but he's a great physical actor. He was already pretty convincing when flitting back and forth from his main character's Young Ones-style debauchery, to his clone's sensitive, rational side. Then, S04E03 throws in a third Rudy -- this one more sinister and actually mildly terrifying -- and I had to finally admit that he's pretty mesmerizing to watch. I wish Psycho Rudy had stuck around for more than just one episode, but I already know that this show never gives me what I want.

I'm glad there's only one season left to go. I've grown weary of all the soft porn and blood splatters, which are all this show seems to be anymore. It's just me shouting, "Condoms, guys!" as the cast members have constant thro-away liaisons with an endless stream of soon-to-be-offed ck one models. And when they're not having sex, they're talking about it. Each episode is so jam-packed with ridiculous sexual colloquialisms that I imagine the script looking like a page from an Adults-Only Mad Libs tablet.

In the Season 4 finale, Jess ponders aloud, "Do you ever think we suffer from a complete lack of ambition and imagination?" To which Abbey replies, "You could use the special powers you got after being struck by that random freak storm. It's just a thought." Finn rounds out the conversation with "You know, we really should use them more often."

This cheeky bit of self-mockery in the 11th hour is not going to cut it for me. It'll take more than a meta moment of embracing critics' jabs to make up for a season full of randomness.

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