Alec Baldwin Will Host ABC's Match Game Reboot

Because...he seems...so playful?

This just in via press release: ABC is rebooting Match Game! Hey, cool! Match Game is a great concept -- RuPaul Drag Race's Snatch Game challenge reminds us of that every season. "They must have gotten someone really funny and sharp to host, right?" Reader, I get why you would think that. But no: they have hired Alec Baldwin.

Now, look. I loved Baldwin's performance as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. We all do. It was brilliant. And on SNL he has shown us a dozen times how funny he can be. But even circa 30 Rock, Baldwin's real-life persona was curdling into serious unpleasantness. There was the incident with the voicemail he left for his daughter in which he called her a pig, his violence toward photographers, his Twitter meltdowns, his threats of running for mayor, his threats of quitting show business...does he have the complaisance to be effective in this job? I guess we'll see when the season premieres: June 26 at 10 PM ET.