Would Married At First Sight's Sonia Be Better Off Divorced Than Married To A Guy With Nick's Terrible Taste In Bracelets?

What are Nick and Sonia fighting for, anyway? And other questions sparked by 'To Love And To Cherish'!

Does Sonia even want to be with Nick? And if so, why?

Nick is, if I may put it bluntly, a real turd. Even when he's "trying" at marriage, he comes off as both whiny and emotionally shut-down, which is not a winning combination for a husband, especially a stranger-husband. Sonia, though, is playing both sides of the fence, saying she wants to make her marriage to Nick work, but also refusing to live in the same place he is or let go of her hurt feelings after his mean comments.

In an attempt at bonding, Sonia and Nick venture into downtown Miami to hand out PB&J sandwiches to the homeless -- something Sonia, a social worker, enjoys doing. At first, Nick seems less than enthused, stone-facedly spreading jelly on bread as Sonia explains how she likes to write inspirational messages on the sandwich bags. Nick proves himself incapable of coming up with even a single uplifting message for the homeless, and asks Sonia to dictate one to him -- which, I suspect, is about as close to warm and fuzzy as Nick is going to get. Once they are actually on the scene, handing out sandwiches, Nick makes an effort, but at the same time, what is he gonna do, NOT hand out the sandwiches Sonia forced him to make?

As the episode wears on, Sonia seems to sour more and more on Nick, while he seems more and more eager to get her to recommit to the marriage. Sonia says she needs to see continuing "effort" from Nick before she'll consider moving back in. On the one hand, I don't blame her for still being pissed, because Nick is, as I mentioned above, a huge turd. But on the other hand: fish or cut bait, lady. Heather ended things after two weeks; there's precedent here for just saying "screw it" and getting an early divorce. Don't string this thing out any longer than necessary, PLEASE.

What's Nick's angle with pushing for Sonia to move back in?

Nick seems really insistent that a lady he claimed very recently not even to like at all move back in with him. Does he just want to bone again, or what?

What's Nick thinking with those bracelets?

Seriously, bro? Dangling turquoise beads? AND a string bracelet? DIAL IT BACK.

Why are Heather and Derek still on this show?

As Tara noted last week, the show is still belaboring the Heather-Derek reunion, even though both of them seem kind of fine with never speaking to each other again. Nevertheless, Rachel DeAlto forces them to sit down on the same couch and rehash their two-second "relationship." Despite the HIGH TENSION music, there is nothing to see here. Heather and Derek come across as two people who had to sit next to each other at a long dinner for a mutual friend's birthday one time and found the conversation lacking. They don't need to go over the details of why they don't like each other again. There's quite literally nothing at stake here -- not even pride, since that obviously went out the window the second these dopes agreed to do this show. Why can't the show just let this "marriage" die with dignity? Heather and Derek eventually end their big reunion by halfheartedly wishing each other well (and not really meaning it). Vayan con dios, guys.

Are Tom and Lily the boringest, or what?

What's the Tolstoy quote about happy families all being the same? I'd modify it to note the fact that superficially happy couples who are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship are all the same, and they're all BORING AS HELL. The show tries to manufacture some "conflict" between Lily and Tom, focusing on the fact that Lily forgot to write her vows and Tom is a little sad about it! But he's not that sad! He lets her off the hook because she "owned up to it." And he goes ahead and recites his vows anyway. They also have a mini-tiff about Lily's focus on work and Tom's need for her to listen intently to him as he drones on about nothing. But it also doesn't seem like that big a deal, since Tom doesn't get that mad about it, and Lily seems to pay attention to him when she's not actively trying to work. The rest of their segments on this episode consist of proclamations of devotion and exchanges of gifts for their one-month anniversary. SNORE. But good for them, I guess.

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