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Which Married At First Sight Brides Have Grievances To Wine About On Their One-Month Anniversaries?

Cutting into their old wedding cakes is more fun for some couples than others, as we discuss on the latest Bride & Doom podcast!

As uncomfortable as it can be sometimes to watch the poor misguided idiots of Married At First Sight as they flail about yelling at the people they've let strangers set them up with, there's nothing like a suuuuuuuper-boring episode in which everyone pretty much gets along to make you miss the fights. The newlyweds have arrived at their "One Month Anniversaries [sic]" -- also the halfway point for the experiment -- so they're digging the tops of their wedding cakes out of the freezer, engaging in wholesome activities, and reflecting upon all the progress they've made. Jephte keeps up the inexplicable tradition of hideous Married At First Sight text art with a gift that makes Shawniece bawl in the middle of a restaurant; Molly and Jon hit up a petting zoo (?) and make pie with apples they've picked themselves; and Ryan finds the most gigantic trunk he can in which to hide a couple of gift cards for Jackie. The closest we come to conflict is Jackie's ongoing low-grade concern about how little time Ryan's been spending with her -- though given that his anniversary fun involves a mansplainy soccer lesson, we're not sure what she thinks she's missing out on. We dig in on the latest Bride & Doom podcast!

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