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Should Married At First Sight's Jon Be Planning For A Future In Which He Spends More Of His Birthdays With Molly?

We discuss the newlyweds' latest ups and downs (...literally) on the Bride & Doom podcast!

As time continues ticking down to Decision Day, the Married At First Sight newlyweds are supposedly "Planning For The Future," but they seem to be just as mired as ever in day-to-day concerns. Molly and Jon's issues seem to revolve around intimacy, so naturally their expert visit is from...Pastor Cal. Whatever he tells her at least gives Molly the strength to take Jon out for a pleasant birthday dinner. Jephte, who ended the last episode stomping out while refusing to let Shawniece look at his phone, talks to NO experts -- but at least his friend Antonio has sense enough to tell him to go talk to his wife. (Can Antonio replace Dr. Pepper? At least he's around!) Jackie is still not prepared to give up on getting Ryan to spend some of his limited free time with her, particularly after he goes out drinking twice in a single night when she's sick. Is he justified if he's guarding against getting too attached to someone who says she has a "gypsy soul"? Most importantly, which couple has the most impressive performance when they all meet up for the totally normal activity that is a nighttime trapeze class? We discuss on the latest Bride & Doom podcast!

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