Might Married At First Sight's Sonia And Nick Require More Common Ground Than A Shared Dislike Of Mustard?

And more questions sparked as the couples head off on their honeymoons in 'Just Married'!

What in the world possessed Nick to do this show?

It's always off-putting when a reality show participant is too poised, too assured, and too glib on camera. But Nick's discomfort is far harder to watch. And if he's giving us nothing as viewers, I can't imagine how much more awkward it is for Sonia to try to draw him out in conversation and one-on-one (plus the camera crew and producers and whoever else joined them on their honeymoon). Some have speculated in the comments that Nick might be closeted and went on the show in an ill-considered, elaborate ruse to keep his secret; I just think he's really reserved, and doesn't quite know how to respond to Sonia's bubbly cheerfulness. My best guess is that he was lonely enough to seek an extremely radical solution, and only now is he starting to appreciate all the implications of the decision. I mean, sitting in the limo he looked like he was trying to see if he could fold himself in half from the shoulders.

And is it possible that Sonia and Nick require more common ground to make this work than a shared dislike of mustard?

"Expert" Rachel DeAlto was WAY too smug about this match in her pre-honeymoon check-in than she had any right to be. It's not that I necessarily think Sonia and Nick are doomed; they both seem to want it to work, they just might be equally terrible at making small talk...or friends. But Sonia was like, "We both hate mustard" and DeAlto reacted like this was proof of how right she was that they're meant to be. Of the three couples, I do think Nick and Sonia might have the hardest time closing the gaps between them -- the fact that he has dogs and she fears dogs is PROBABLY AN ISSUE -- so DeAlto should be trying harder to figure out ways the two of them can get to know each other than with abstract nonsense like looking into each other's eyes and declaring, "You are my [gender-specific 'spouse' synonym]."

AND: has Nick ever heard of taking a hint?

Sonia doesn't want you to carry her over the threshold because she is a woman in America and she's insecure about her weight. Stop making a federal case of it.

Does Derek know the name of the lady he married?

I don't know if DeAlto put this notion in his head, but the way he keeps referring to "my wife" makes it seem like he might not be 100 on Heather's name.

How much longer is Tom going to stall before dropping the bus bomb on Lily?

Both Tom and the show assume that when he and Lily move in together, it's going to be into his bus, so I guess...she still lives at home? Maybe she just has roommates. Honestly, if it's either of those, they should still consider cohabitating wherever she was living before they got married, because: bus. And if he doesn't even mention it until he's taking her there, she's going to assume it's because he knows she's going to hate it. I mean, he's right -- she definitely will; anyone would -- but this is a big secret to keep. (I have to think one of their "getting to know you" conversations would include "What's your place like?," so did he just lie?)

Derek doesn't have a passport?

Derek's previous career in the Navy and his extensive travel experience was supposed to be a point of commonality between him and flight attendant Heather. But boyfriend doesn't have a passport? You don't need a passport if you're in the military? Is this a stupid question?

Was Lily really emotionally prepared to do something like this?

From what I understand, Lily's father left their family a long time ago -- long enough that it is slightly alarming that talking about it might still make her cry now. Even taking into account that producers might know the right questions to elicit a tearful reaction, she still seems raw enough about this that maybe she should have sought therapy instead of a reality TV "marriage." I realize that she's only twenty-four, but maybe that just proves my point, you know?

Is fyi really testing another marriage with another cigarette?

Those who watched the first season of this show will remember the furor that followed Doug's having snuck a cigarette and then lying to Jamie about it: it stretched over multiple episodes; it even came up in Jamie's book! Here we are again, as Heather complains that Derek smoked a cigarette before their dinner, even though by her own admission she had said on her questionnaire that someone who smoked occasionally would be okay with her. Now she's trying to entrap him with a question about what he'd like to improve in himself? And that she herself needs to work on her "patience"? Look, I'm not a fan of smoking either, but if there's a Season 5, maybe the production company could try a little harder to find participants who don't think it's basically the same as shooting smack.

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