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Married At First Sight's Reunion Special Fills More Time With More Filler

The only surprise has already been spoiled, but apparently we still have to do this anyway.

Oh, how life has changed for the Season 6 newlyweds in the one or three weeks (depending on which source you trust) since Decision Day! All six reunite in the studio to get mildly grilled by Dr. Pepper, Dr. Jessica, and Pastor Cal -- who might be expert matchmakers (debatable), but demonstrably are not expert interviewers. Who's still sweet on each other? Who's even more salty than when we saw them last? What special surprise guests are trotted out to weigh in on what they observed about the couples when the alleged experts were getting spa treatments? And how pissed must Lifetime be that Shawniece couldn't wait one week before dropping her big news?! Join us for one last Bride & Doom podcast!

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