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Married At First Sight Shows Us The Fallout From Molly's Disgrace

On the eve of Decision Day, Molly and Jon tell the brides and grooms their bad news. We discuss it in our latest Bride & Doom podcast!

Jon having outed Molly as a verbal abuser, the big Decision Day episode is going to have to be slightly delayed so that Molly and Jon can split up for dinner with their fellow brides and grooms and break the news that their Decisions have already been made. One of them tells pretty much the whole story as we saw it in last week's episode, and one sticks to the apparently false narrative to which we've been subjected all season. Guess which is which! (Easiest guessing game ever.) The other two couples continue on in the way we'd expect: Jephte and Shawniece bicker over pointless nonsense but soon manage to laugh about it; and Ryan hears Jon's news and immediately creates a crisis in his own marriage so that he can compete with Jon for airtime and cool points, much to Jackie's confusion and dismay. Join us as we dig into it all in our latest Bride & Doom podcast!

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