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Married At First Sight Shows How Molly's Keeping Jon In The Dark About How Annoying She Finds Him

Whose honeymoon ends the worst? We discuss on the latest Bride & Doom podcast!

With the honeymoons winding down, the newlyweds have gotten to know each other well after several days together and are preparing to return to Boston united as couples and confident about the couples...or so you might think! In fact, familiarity has bred contempt. Jackie is beginning to tire of Ryan's oppressive positivity. Molly waits until she and her new husband are on a videochat check-in with Dr. Jessica to say she finds his twelve-year-old boy energy a turnoff, sexually -- having never actually told him that any of his mannerisms are annoying. But Shawniece would probably trade places with either of the other women (especially Molly, if Brian's read is right): Jephte has apparently spent their time in Jamaica innovating ways to withhold affection. Which couple's honeymoon has been sweetest, and which would have probably stuck their faces in a beehive? We break it down in our latest Bride & Doom podcast!

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