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Married At First Sight Pushes Jephte Back Into His Emotional Hiding Place

Does Jephte refuse to let Shawniece look at his phone because he has something to hide, or because producers told him to? We try to figure it out on the latest Bride & Doom podcast!

Our latest episode is supposedly about "Communication," but if that were the case, wouldn't each of the couples get a visit from an expert to talk about the issues they've each had with communication, as opposed to just Dr. Jessica meeting with just the newlywed ladies to tell them they need to focus on self-care? (This advice strikes Jon as especially tone-deaf as directed toward Molly, who in his opinion hasn't been changed by marriage at all.) Also failing to communicate are Ryan and Jackie, who still haven't arrived at a solution to the issue of his inability to stick to a schedule that includes time with her -- though he does make time for a little gay panic at a nude figure drawing class with a male model. Finally, we arrive at the moment we've all been waiting for: the couples are ordered to trade phones for an hour. Which couple will have the hardest time getting through it? Hint: the one that involves a guy who just wants to be left alone. We discuss it all in the latest Bride & Doom podcast!

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