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Married At First Sight Precedes Second Honeymoons By Sending Jephte And Shawniece For Dinner With The Two Worst Couples They Know

Just a couple of weeks remain before Decision Day, so the couples are heading off on vacations. We discuss whether presence makes the heart grow fonder for any of them in the latest Bride & Doom podcast!

With Decision Day imminent, we've arrived at the point in the series where each of the couples pauses in their efforts to settle in to their normal day-to-day routines and bugger off on yet another vacation. However, first they all get sent out for dinner together, and shit gets awkward fast: Jackie mentions a trip to Florida she and Ryan had been talking about taking "if" they're still together, which leads Jon to confide to Shawniece that Molly put a similar condition on a snowboarding show for which he wanted to get tickets. Did Jackie accidentally reveal the extent of her doubts about staying married -- if not her determination not to -- and cause Jon to put Molly's pre-made decision on blast? HMMMM. Anyway, then the couples take off. Ryan drives himself and Jackie to New York in his "big truck," because there's nothing more convenient on Manhattan streets than a vehicle you have to try to park. Thrillseekers Molly and Jon go to Florida for the roller coasters, leading Molly into a pleasant (if cold) remembrance of her late father, who also loved them; and Jephte and Shawniece make for New England, where a corn maze immediately stops being a pleasant diversion and turns into an infuriating metaphor for the dangers of bad communication. We guide you through in our latest Bride & Doom podcast!

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