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Married At First Sight Lets Jon Dribble About Getting Boxed Out By Molly

We dunk on Jon's 'friend zone' defense in our latest Bride & Doom podcast!

Now that all the couples are cohabitating in their temporary new homes, it's time for (the producers to tell) them to throw housewarming parties and invite all their loved ones! Things go well/boringly for Ryan and Jackie, and much better for Jephte and Shawniece than we would have guessed last week, what with their relationship having reached a major milestone. (Jephte is capable of change. Who knew?) Unfortunately, Molly and Jon's get-together is a little more uncomfortable, with his friends urging them to start boning and Molly's defending her for wanting to make friends with Jon first. However, unlike all the other newlyweds, Jon -- who's still unemployed -- isn't keeping his old place, so this kind of has to work out for him in a way that it doesn't for everyone else, which is why it's too bad Molly is putting the brakes on their physical relationship, causing Jon to doubt whether she's as committed to him as he is to her. We discuss it all in our latest Bride & Doom podcast!

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