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Married At First Sight Lets Jon Convict Molly

Molly tries to act like the fight that closes her and Jon's trip to Orlando is no big deal. Too bad he's got receipts to show Dr. Jessica.

As literally everyone knows, Jon and Molly are the only Season 6 newlyweds who have not had sex. Many, including your Bride & Doom co-hosts, have speculated as to exactly why that is. Does Molly have issues with intimacy? Does she find Jon too immature? Or is it, in fact, that she finds Jon "disgusting" and has told him on multiple occasions that he makes her skin crawl, and Jon has finally gotten so sick of her shit that he's recorded her on his phone -- and when Dr. Jessica comes over to check in, he busts out the clip. IT'S THE CONFRONTATION WE'VE LITERALLY BEEN WAITING ALL SEASON TO SEE. ...Jackie's still not having a great time in her marriage either, but she and Ryan are Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman by comparison. Also Jephte and Shawniece have a Dr. Pepper-assisted breakthrough and end the episode with a puppy BUT TRULY THAT'S ALL JUST FILLER AROUND MOLLY GETTING BUSTED. You must listen to the podcast as we take you through every moment of Molly's downfall.

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