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Married At First Sight Found Jephte A Stranger And Had Him Marry Her, And He Can't Believe It

We try to guess what Jephte thought he was getting himself into in our latest Bride & Doom podcast!

Married At First Sight takes us to the newlyweds' wedding nights and morning-after brunch, which means it's time to guess at their likely longevity as couples based on their instant attraction. Ryan and Jackie seem to be following the standard script even for non-at first sight marriages IF YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN; Molly and Jon claim not to have rounded all the bases, though your hosts are divided as to how trustworthy their testimony may actually be; and Jephte and Shawniece are having a hard time because Jephte is seriously hung up on the notion that Shawniece is both his wife and a stranger, and Shawniece is pretty upset about it. This week's Bride & Doom podcast goes great with a pre-honeymoon brunch!

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