Courtney Hizey Photography & Emily Maultsby

Married At First Sight Comes Back (Bay) To Match Three New Couples In Boston

Which of them will get divorced first?

America's favourite social experiment is BACK! This time, the experts find out how hard the dating scene is for singles in Boston, and manage not to reply that this is what singles say literally everywhere they go. At the end of the Matchmaking Special, we follow the six lucky test subjects as they inform their families that they've agreed to humiliate themselves on TV; shop for dresses and rings; and then gather all their loved ones to watch as they prepare to meet their spouses for the first time. Do any of the couples seem like they might make it? What do we think of this new expert? And how much do we miss Nate? We discuss it all in our season premiere of the Bride & Doom podcast!

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