Has Married At First Sight Set Up Ryan For A Crash When Reality Falls Short Of His 'Fairy Tale'?

One groom is all in the second he sees his bride, and we are slightly concerned about it in our latest podcast.

Married At First Sight's sixth season chugs along right on schedule, with the selected singles meeting for the very first time at the altar. Ryan is...instantly in love with Jackie to a degree that should probably worry them both? Jonathan and Molly clearly want to blow off the reception to bone. And when Jephte's mother Laura rises to interrupt before the ceremony's even begun, is it with an interjection that will please the betrothed couple and their guests? (Given that it was teased so much in the promos, you probably already assumed that it's fine.) We discuss all these big-hearted, adventurous people of strong character -- according to their loved ones, anyway -- on our latest podcast!


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