Pilot Error: Making TV Shows That Didn't Quite Happen

John August and Stephen Falk on what's it like to work on a TV show that never sees the light of day.

Selling a pilot idea to a network is a tough proposition — and even if you make it that far, the odds are still extremely low that your series will ever reach a single viewer's eyeballs: Most pilot scripts are never filmed, and most filmed pilots are never ordered to series. The shows that don't get picked up are quickly forgotten; most people never even hear about them in the first place. But these experiences are such a big part of the television world that we thought we should devote an episode to them. So this week, Making the Sausage welcomes big-time writers John August (writer of Charlie's Angels and Big Fish) and Stephen Falk (creator of You're The Worst) to talk about their experiences creating TV shows that never made it to the finish line.

Show Notes

  • John August's screenwriting podcast Scriptnotes
  • Stephen Falk's film commentary webseries and podcast Film Pigs