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The Cutest Married Couple In America Is On The Brink Of Divorce!!!


  • Jamie (Helen Hunt) Is Pretty Sure She's Pregnant Because She Sometimes Didn't Put In Her Diaphragm Accidentally On Purpose And She's Not Pregnant But They're Going To Start Trying
  • Paul (Paul Reiser) And Jamie Decide To Buy A Parking Space In Their Building, Even Though They Don't Own Their Apartment Or A Car
  • Mad About You Has The Balls To Do A Clip Show In Its THIRD EPISODE Of The Season
  • Jamie Confronts Sylvia (Cynthia Harris) Over Why Sylvia Is Such A C To Her All The Time
  • Fran (Leila Kenzle) And Jamie Start Working For The Mayor's Office And Paul Gets A Job At "The Explorer Channel" Which Means Much Longer Hours For Both Of Them, But That Will Probably Turn Out Fine, Right?
  • Featuring Yoko Ono As Herself
  • Meet Nat (Hank Azaria), A New Dog Walker For Murray (Maui) And Inarguably The Show's Best Character, Period
  • Paul And Jamie Start Hanging Out With A Couple And Since Half The Couple Is Hallie Lowenthal From My So-Called Life, Obviously These Two Are Married To Other People And Having An Affair And If It Can Happen To Them Could It Happen To The Buchmans???
  • Paul And Jamie Have Conflicting Plans On New Year's Eve But A Couple Spending A Ten-Second Holiday Apart Is No Big Deal, Right???
  • Jamie Wants To Postpone Sex Until The Second She Ovulates, So It's Too Bad That Happens Just As Debbie (Robin Bartlett) Wants To Come Out To Her Parents
  • The Terrible One With The Laugh In Cameo-Filled Dream Sequences Where Paul And Jamie Confess Their Fears About Parenthood To One Another, Finally
  • Paul And Jamie Start Having Fertility Problems
  • Paul Directs An Ad For Jamie's Candidate And They Have A Huge Fight About It In Front Of Everyone
  • Paul And Jamie's Fertility Problems Continue...But Paul's Sperm Is Fine
  • Paul And Jamie Are Still Apparently Infertile...But Jamie's Junk Is Fine Too 
  • Paul Gets Fired From The Explorer Channel Because He's Impossible To Work With 
  • When Paul's Last Explorer Channel Movie Gets Nominated For An Award, Jamie Can't Go To The Ceremony And Paul Flirts With Sofia Milos, The Official Face Of Exotic TV Infidelity, 1990-1999 
  • Paul Almost Goes Home With This Other Lady And Jamie Kisses A Dude She Works With And It All Comes Out While Lisa (Anne Ramsay) Is In The Middle Of Planning Her Wedding To Sanford (Billy Morrissette) And It Seems Like They Are For Real About To Get Divorced But Then They Do It And As The Episode Ends It Sure Looks Like Jamie Is PREGNANT!!!


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