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The Cutest Married Couple In America Have A Baby Now! A BABY!

That's what most episodes are about now, so...hope you like babies.

  • Jamie's Bossy Mother (Carol Burnett) Dares To Help Paul (Paul Reiser) And Jamie (Helen Hunt) With Their Nameless Baby
  • Mel Brooks, Again? Okay
  • The Cutest Wife In America Has Post-Partum Depression, But It's Okay, It's The Cute Kind
  • For The First Time Since The Baby (Now Named Mabel) Was Born, Paul And Jamie Do Sex
  • HAHA Paul Wins A Genius Grant (The Fictional Kind)
  • The Single-Take Episode About Ferberizing The Baby Where A Pre-Oscar Helen Hunt Cries And Stuff
  • Jamie's Mom Dates Riverdancer John Michael Higgins
  • HAHA Jamie Lost Her Virginity To Nathan Lane, Legendary Lover Of Women
  • Paul And Jamie Ditch Their Therapist Sheila (Mo Gaffney) For Sydney Pollack, A Better Therapist Who Even Serves Snacks
  • Jamie Takes A Job For James Carville And Mary Matalin, Immediately Regrets It And Tries To Get Herself Fired
  • Paul Finds A Magically Infallible Coin, And Jamie Ruins Everyone's Good Time By Accidentally Putting It In A Washing Machine, Stupid Jamie
  • Paul Finally Has A Good Birthday, For Once, When An Art Theft Mystery Spontaneously Breaks Out
  • The Buchmans Try To Make A Video For Kids, Fail Miserably
  • Aw, Joan (Suzie Plakson) And Debbie (Robin Bartlett) Get Engaged
  • Sylvia (Cynthia Harris) Gets All Jealous Of Jamie On Mother's Day
  • In Which We Learn The Only Thing Worse Than A Clip Show Is A Show Made Of Clips That We've Never Seen Before And Which Are Boring
  • While Nat (Hank Azaria) And Arley (Lili Taylor) Are Cutely Falling In Love, Jamie's Subtextual Hostility Toward Paul Becomes Text (She Beats Him Up In Her Sleep)
  • And Now, For No Reason, Ellen DeGeneres


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