Photo: Robert Viglasky / BBC

Luther Gets A Series 4 Order From The BBC

So: the real one is coming back.

Mere hours after the announcement of Fox's extremely extraneous Luther remake (...more than 24 hours, sure, BUT STILL), some actually GOOD Luther-related news: the BBC will produce a fourth series of the real, British Luther.

The bad news is that, when it hits sometime in 2015, there will only be two episodes in this fourth series (after a four-episode Series 3? If this trend continues, the fifth "series" will be a hour-long episode, followed by a sixth series that's just one twelve-minute segment à la Childrens Hospital). But: even though Idris Elba is lending his talents to the unnecessary remake, it won't take up so much of his time that he'll be unable to return to play the titular character on the original show. There's no word in the report about whether Ruth Wilson will also return to play Alice -- particularly since her new show The Affair has just been picked up for a second season -- but let's hope she's willing to take a break from all the sad fucking to fuck shit up. In her real accent.


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