Photo: Robert Viglasky / BBC

Fox's Latest Unnecessary Remake Of A British Crime Procedural: Luther


The world was confused earlier this year when Fox announced that it was giving the BBC's breakout hit crime drama Broadchurch an American remake. That would be Gracepoint, and since it's currently earning about 2% the buzz of, say, the podcast Serial, why not try again?

And try again Fox shall! Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reports that the network is going to remake Luther. Neil Cross, who wrote the original, will be writing this one too, and original star Idris Elba will be attached as Executive Producer.

Hey, here's a question: why? Does Fox not realize that the original BBC shows are, like, already in English and thus pretty accessible to audiences? If the issue is that they've only been available here via cable and streaming services but that Fox still thinks these stories deserve a wider airing, why not acquire the episodes that already exist and just AIR THEM? If we, as a nation, can cope with Downton Abbey's accents AND the period setting, then I think American viewers who like cop shows would have no problem figuring out Luther, and when I say "American viewers," I mean the ones who haven't already watched it, which I think leaves out everyone I know because we all have.

Anyway: Gracepoint is already an object lesson for why this idea is doomed. But Luther is a great show and you can watch it as it was conceived and intended to be watched. So do that.