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DCI Luther Bends Procedure To Find Love

This handsome detective investigates unsettling murders, but yearns to settle down.

Name John Luther
Age 40
Occupation Detective Chief Inspector, Serious and Serial Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police
Height 6'3"
Weight 200 lbs.
Location London, UK
Education Hendon Police College
Seeking Women.
For Being pensive together; quiet dates in poorly lit diners; tragic love affairs.
About Me …I don't know. People tell me that I am “epic” from time to time, but I'm just a guy, trying to do his job protecting the innocent. Many people, mostly authority figures, misunderstand me because I sometimes have to blur ethical lines while catching killers and saving lives. There's only one person who really gets me: a serial killer currently evading justice. Normally a killer evading justice is a thing that would drive me to explosive anger, but somehow, we have become the best of friends. I help her evade capture, and she threatens to murder anyone who tries to hurt me, which is a lot of people.
About You If we're going to date, you better be okay with mortal danger. I and/or you will be in it at some point. Also, it would be great if you're very trusting and loyal, as I am regularly accused of misconduct.
In Relationships, I... …haven't had much luck. Well, that's not completely true. I was married once. She was the love of my life. She divorced me because I was so angry all the time (still am) about the horrors I see on my job. Anyway, she remarried, and then my good friend murdered her (different friend; it's a long story). Also, he framed me for her murder. So it's been a mixed bag. Anyway, since all that I've had trouble putting myself out there.
On Our First Date, We'd... …plan to meet somewhere romantic. You'll recognize me easily because I'm never without my wool overcoat. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to stay because I'll be called away to hunt down a serial killer -- who might show up in my place in order to bait me into a cat-and-mouse game. But the second date will be better.
Contact Me If... …you're interested in repeatedly hearing about my beautiful ex-wife, who some people (internal affairs) still believe I killed; you want to be kidnapped and used against me by a psychopath; you're into tall, dark, handsome, and preternaturally smart hero figures.
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