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What's The Best Way To Fight Off A Bunch Of Angry Men If You're Luke Cage?

And more not-quite-burning questions from S01.E03!

Could this episode have had a sadder start?

No: the episode opens with a reflection on Pop. As you can recall, Pop was fatally shot in his barber shop, otherwise known as the best place in town. Per the newscasters, it was a hangout spot for all -- even celebrities. Wilfredo Diaz -- otherwise known as Chico -- was badly injured that same night, but remains alive.

The barber shop is surrounded by police tape, and flowers are left nearby in tribute. Luke is left to buy the casket, but obviously doesn't have the cash to shell out for a nice mahogany one. That's where Cornell (or, "Cottonmouth") comes in -- he fronts the cash, even though the murder was 100% his fault.

Not only can you visibly see Luke's sadness, but his lines are all pretty mellow and reflective. "Pop was like a father to me," he says. "I'm all he has." Along with Cottonmouth I guess, and uh. Chico. And the chess guy, Bobby Fish. And the town.

But, back to Luke. There's something just heartbreaking about a guy who can't afford to bury someone he loves on his own. It's like the Marvel version of the song "Christmas Shoes."

How is Luke going to afford fixing up Pop's Barber Shop?

So, Bobby Fish wasn't just a friend of Pop -- he also did taxes for the shop.



And he knows that, in order to reopen the shop, they need to find $80,000. No offense, but Bobby doesn't look like the guy who has it. I mean, besides being a secret accountant, he seems to spend 75% of his time playing chess in the park, and 25% of his time hanging around crime scenes.

Luke figures that the best way to get the money would be to talk to a bank, or rob Cottonmouth. Y'know, whatever's easiest. Probably the robbing.

But of course, Luke plans to take the money in a clever and thoughtful way. "I'm not going to touch him. Not the way I should," Luke admits. Instead, he's going to take his knights, rooks, and knock all his pieces off the board. Chess reference!

Listen -- this scores low since a bank was mentioned first. I trust that Luke will be able to pull this off, but talking to a bank probably involves fewer guns. If this were anyone other than Luke Cage, I'd tell him that messing with the guy who was responsible for killing my fatherly mentor just the other night would be a dangerous task.

Are Luke and Misty Knight still attracted to each other, or nah?

Probably nah for now. Misty and Luke have the weirdest relationship on the show by far. But, it's likely since they've been omitting the truth about each other from the very beginning.

Misty Knight is cool for a ton of reasons. One, she's totally casual about one-night stands. Two, she said she was an auditor. Three, she's actually a cop. Four, her name is Misty Knight. And finally, she's really good at basketball. In fact, our girl Misty used basketball as a way to find out where Chico was. But, as is revealed in this episode, she started playing basketball thanks to Pop: when she visited the barber shop as a young girl, Pop and her father used to argue about games, and this made the idea of the game so much more enticing.

Eventually, Misty makes the logical assumption that Luke is involved with all of these killings, since he's the one with the connection to both Pop and Cottonmouth. Luke's response back is that she can talk to him at his house, and bring her handcuffs this time. Intriguing offer, but inappropriate of him. So, it seems like they want to go and do a round 2 of sex eventually, but both want to get some answers about these crimes first.

Oh, and by the way. Misty tells the whole basketball origin story to Detective Scarfe, who is all like, "Your dad was a Celtics fan? Ewwww."

But really, what was the worst Detective Scarfe moment?

If you think that line was bad, Scarfe also says "Watch the tofu supreme!"

Did anyone else pick up on the Breaking Bad echoes in this episode?

Luke goes to the hospital to visit Chico, and learns all about Cottonmouth's operation. That's all good, but there was quite a strong Walter White/Jesse feel of the scene.



Maybe it's the "bald, tough guy talks to uneducated youth" thing.

What was with the whole "chocolate on the floor" thing during that scene with Cottonmouth and Domingo?

After noticing that four of his houses were hit -- and money wasn't gone, necessarily, but stuff was messed with -- Cottonmouth brings in Domingo, the guy in charge of the Latin gang. Domingo calls him the flubber to his crocodile, and manages to drop chocolate all over the floor.

Yeah, the chocolate was probably meant to serve as an intimidation method (and frankly, made me weirdly uncomfortable) but it's just not cool to waste chocolate like that.

When your body is pretty much a human shield, what else do you need to bring when fighting a bunch of guards?

Luke, in a way, faces the "big boss" near the end, having to fight off multiple guys inside the Crispus Attucks building in order to reach all of Cottonmouth's loot. To prep for this, he wears his best hoodie and blasts Wu-Tang Clan.

While he's more or less bulletproof, Luke still manages to fight off a bunch of bads while wearing earbuds. With a car door. That he ripped off the car. It's the best thing ever. For those of you who have the strength to manually pull off a car door, and the strength to physically hold a car door after removal, and happen to know a lot of people who may be after you, you might just want to try this at home.

Also of note, he only takes one of the duffel bags with him. That's the money they'll use to rebuild Pop's Barber Shop, and surely nobody will ask where it came from.

Uh, did that really end the way it looked like it ended?

Well, if you stereotyped Scarfe for being a good guy since he digs tofu and has the last name of a basic article of clothing, you'd be wrong. Turns out, he's been terrible all along, and is just another one of Cottonmouth's bad guys. Step one in being terrible? He kills Chico. RIP, Chico.

Second shock? Probably when Cottonmouth decides to shoot a rocket into the eatery/Luke's home while Luke is enjoying a meal. Even worse, it happens moments after Luke finally decided to pay off his landlord, Connie -- sweet, sweet Connie who seemed a little ticked off by the lack of payment, but was more or less understanding. It was a great moment, ruined by a gigantic explosion. While Luke survives (I mean, he has to -- it's Episode 3, and also he's pretty much invulnerable physically), it's unclear whether the newly-paid landlord will live to see another day.

The worst part of all, is that being in the midst of a rocket explosion is just part of the gig if you're Luke Cage. This won't be the end, and whatever's yet to come will undoubtedly be even worse.

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