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Reason Netflix released the whole season the same day.


Can Luke Cage Save The Girl?

And other infuriating, not-quite-burning questions about S01.E11.

Can Claire not help herself?

But seriously: run, girl! You have the opportunity -- Luke rushing to the kitchen while carrying Misty is a pretty great distraction -- so why not hightail it out the front door? Is your FOMO that bad? Lying to help Candice once you're a hostage is admirable, and the way you take out that goon on the stairs is pretty great, but you didn't have to be there in the first place; you should have been outside, helping by giving a statement to Inspector Ridley. But no, you just had to stay in the middle of the hostage situation. Props, at least, for keeping your purse with you at all times, but it just seems like you've lost your perspective ever since getting forced out of Hell's Kitchen and declaring your niche specialty of helping the superpowered.

What you talkin' about, Willis?

Was this necessary? No. Did I love it anyway? Yes. The dialogue in S01.E11 is extra feisty and exposition-y, even for this show. From Misty's deadpan "Your family is jacked up," to Diamondback's exasperated "Couldn't you have died during childbirth?" it's clear that even the characters are over all of this stylistic discourse. It's one "Bye, Felicia" over the line, but let's forgive them their sins as well as their trespasses, if only because Diamondback's hyper-notated Bible is terrifying.

How did Shades hook up with Diamondback in the first place?

We know that Diamondback (né Willis) set up Luke (née Carl), and that Carl and Shades spent mutual time at Seagate, but how did Willis and Shades (né...?) meet in the first place? Or, more specifically, I guess: who's the real Big Bad they're both working for? Because there definitely has to be someone above them; Diamondback is too crazy to really be in charge, and Shades is too shifty to align himself solely with someone as crazy as Diamondback. But we're probably going to have to wait for the inevitable Season 2 to find out the answer.

Why does everyone have such nice teeth?

Is there like a dentist version of Dr. Zizmor who only advertises to Marvel characters?

Is there anything more infuriating than watching Misty play fifth wheel to Luke and Claire's witty banter?

NO, no there is not. This is a woman who is certified badass, who is extremely wounded, and who herself was just on the receiving end of some witty banter from Cage, being made to feel like an outsider while nearly bleeding to death on a sub-basement floor. Why can't Misty just have nice things, like a 9-5 that doesn't involve guns and violence and a steady flirting partner who at least has the courtesy not to flirt with other women in front of her? Why can't we all? It's literally the very least the show can do to have her ask Claire if she and Luke have been for coffee, and the "I know" response she gives to Claire's statement about Luke not liking coffee is a master class of shade in a single second.

This ADA could use a friend. Does anyone have Foggy's number?

Imagine the moral quandaries they could ponder and the suit-shopping they could do together!

What is this fist thing that Diamondback uses?

It seems dangerous and disgusting at the same time. Is it Stark technology? If it manages to crush in a normal man's chest, does that mean it can also scratch Luke? Not that nurse Claire won't be two feet away with a first aid kit, but still, it seems like something to be concerned about.

Is this how Misty gets her bionic arm?!

Please, please, pleeeeeeease let this be how Misty gets her bionic arm.

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