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Lucifer's Season Finale Is Fiendishly Satisfying

The cliffhanger is not so much a cliffhanger as an 'Oops, I almost took selfies while leaning too far over this safety rail' moment, but that just clears the board for Lucifer to clean up Amenadiel's earlier mess, as well as his own.

Now that is how you do a season finale! Let's run down the ingredients for a satisfying finish to a TV season:

All the major plot threads are all tied up: Chloe's business with the police department is all ironed out? Yep. Chloe's business with Dan is resolved? Yes. Lucifer and Amenadiel stop squabbling? Yes. Lucifer addresses his workplace walkoff? He sure does! Malcolm gets what's coming to him? We can presume so.

The characters show some sign of having been affected by the events they've lived through or instigated. Well...mostly. Lucifer, Maze, and Amenadiel all have, for sure. Dan did. Dr. Linda did. Chloe...not so much, but I consider that a limitation of how she's written. Someone in the writers' room needs to adopt her and add more to her character than "skeptical hottie."

There are a few niggling details left to whet the viewers' appetite for the next season. We still don't know why Chloe's the one thing that can render Lucifer invulnerable. And the fact that Lucifer was willing to bargain for her with his own life -- which she endangered -- opens up the possibility that she's some sort of divine pawn. Do we know? No. Is it fun to speculate about what's going on? Yes.

There's the promise of the next season's big deal. Lucifer and Amenadiel have a mother! Whom they now have to find in Season 2. Ooh, the excitement!

It's been a fun season and the finale was a strong finish. Here's hoping Season 2 is as devilishly delightful. Let's close out this one with the episode's notable quotes.

  1. "I'm accepting my role in all this. Humanity's sins are all the devil's fault." -- Lucifer.
    At the beginning of the episode, Lucifer's trying to goad the police into shooting him. It doesn't work.
  2. "Brother, somehow I lost sight of the bigger picture -- of my actions and just how truly selfish they all were." -- Amenadiel.

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, let this be the beginning of Amenadiel becoming Lucifer's colleague in free thinking.

    One of the most interesting things about Lucifer is his insistence that he has the right to freedom of conscience -- which is a novel conceit for an angel -- and it will make for great plot complications if Amenadiel stops blindly toeing the party line and begins developing his own conscience too.

    But to move from the series look to the episode: Lucifer and Amenadiel team-up! I am always here for that. I don't even have the words for how much I want The Brothers Angelic to be a thing for Season 2.

  3. "Everything I saw at Palmetto -- it was all true! You let them think I was crazy! You let me think I was crazy!" -- Chloe.

    You know, just in case anyone was confused as to why Dan might deserve the Detective Douche nickname.

  4. "You lied to me about being a doctor so you could manipulate Lucifer, who is actually your brother. Somehow. Do you realize the ethical position you've put me in. And you (Lucifer), let me guess -- you were going to make a sexual joke about putting me in a position." -- Dr. Linda.
    [Nods shamefacedly.] "That's true, yes. " -- Lucifer.

    Guilty confession here: my previous Rachael Harris opinion was colored by her turn in The Hangover and I was always like, "Uch, her." But this role has turned into a fan: she plays Dr. Linda as the human equivalent of a lemon bar, smoothly tart and delicious, and I love how Dr. Linda is absolutely unafraid to read these two the riot act.

  5. "I want to redeem myself." -- Daniel.

    I am so glad I did not bet cash money that Kevin Alejandro would be killed this season but I'd have lost that bet. But the powers that be did find a way to write the Dan character off the show, so it looks like Alejandro is free to wander the backlots of Burbank like Kane in Kung Fu, looking for his next one-season TV gig.

  6. "I should warn you, this is hardly a fair fight." -- Lucifer.

    And so it goes before Lucifer and Amenadiel take out a squad of generic goons.

    This show really crackles when Lucifer and Amenadiel are working in concert instead of cross-purposes. I really hope this episode is basically an excuse to recalibrate the relationship and all of Season 2 is Amenadiel hanging out with everyone and having a relationship with Maze while doing bro things with Lucifer.

  7. "I made a new friend today, pulled her out of some class for some bonding time." -- Malcolm.

    Of course there's a child in peril. You don't put a kid in the first act of a TV show if you're not going to use her as a plot device in Act III.

    Hackneyed as this whole premise is, it does permit Lauren German to do some very good work. The sequence where she clicks off the phone after getting a phone call from Malcolm and then walks through the squad room, trying to play it cool and wondering which one of her colleagues is also working with Malcolm, is marvelously tense.

    I also enjoy seeing how the same character who was willing to be the department pariah over a cop-related shooting, and who did not mind throwing Dan out with the trash on that count, is totally down with stealing six figures from the evidence room if it keeps her baby safe. This really was the best work German's turned in.

  8. "What do you desire, Malcolm? What do you yearn for in that rotten soul of yours? What do you want to do with your second chance?" -- Lucifer.

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Lucifer characterization in the comics was the Lightbringer's unsentimental and consistent approach to morality -- his and other people's alike. I like how it's crossed over to the TV show, and I especially love how Lucifer applies it here. He's half-marveling at how much Malcolm has squandered this opportunity, but he's mostly furious that, once again, a human being has proven to be a collection of self-interested, venal impulses clothed in false piety.

    I do love how Lucifer does dispatch Malcolm. And I enjoy how on this show, we've already established that grabbing souls from Hell is a thing you can do and escaping from Hell is a thing you can do (more on that below). So, you know, Malcolm can always come back!

  9. "I thought he killed you." -- Chloe.
    "Oh, he did. I got better." -- Lucifer.

    I just need to know if the writers' room was watching a lot of Monty Python or if it's part of the show DNA somehow. Between last week's "You're all individuals!" moment and this week's exchange -- which is a mash-up of "Bring out your dead" and "She turned me into a newt!" -- is basically Exhibit B in "Someone on staff spent every Friday night in high school mouthing along to a Monty Python movie."

  10. "I spoke to Dad." -- Lucifer.

    THIS is how you do a season finale. Lucifer finally agrees to fit himself to the yoke his father crafted -- but, it should be noted, for his own reasons and not because he's come around to his father's way of thinking. But when he makes his deal, he discovers dear old Dad has changed the terms of the deal: Lucifer's now supposed to stay on Earth, because he has to hunt down "a single errant soul."

    The fugitive in question? Lucifer and Amenadiel's mother. And now I have so many questions! Why was the mother of angels in Hell? Does she have any favorites? Why are her children scared of her? What could she be planning on Earth? Might she have a link to Chloe? Oooh, bring it on, Season 2!

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