Does Lifetime's Love At First Flight Take Wing?

Lifetime once again takes a giant step past dating with a reality show about couples deciding whether to get married immediately after traveling cross-country together. Find out if it was Love At First Sight for your Bride & Doom co-hosts!

The network that brought you Married At First Sight -- the show where total strangers enter into LEGALLY BINDING MARRIAGES after meeting their spouses at the altar -- has come through with yet another cockamamie romance show. On Love At First Flight, couples are paired by an expert matchmaker (or so we're told). Each couple then embarks upon a trip across the continental United States, getting to know one another through deep conversations and shallow challenges. When their final flights touch down on the west coast, the couples must decide whether they're going to get married immediately. How has this offscreen expert done pairing up the various Stephanies and Michaels (seriously, in four couples there are two of each)? Your Bride & Doom co-hosts Tara Ariano and Brian Rubenstein bring the knowledge forged from six seasons of Married At First Sight to tell you everything you need to know about Love At First Flight's series premiere!

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