Watch Zoe Saldana's 'No Scrubs' Face Zachary Quinto's 'Get Ur Freak On' From Lip Sync Battle

Plus: bonus George Michael cover!

As teased earlier this week, Zoe Saldana faced Zachary Quinto last night on Lip Sync Battle, and the results were unquestionably explosive. Saldana's "No Scrubs" gets elevated by the surprise appearance of some very special guests, but Quinto's got choreography AND bedazzled denim. Check it out!

Bonus: Quinto ALSO took on one of my all-time favourite songs -- George Michael's "Freedom '90" -- and boosted his performance with one of the stars of the infamous video. It's not only gorgeous, but it also contributes to my KIND OF STARTING TO COME AROUND ON CHRISSY TEIGEN OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING.

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