Does Legion Have The Worst Group Therapy Leader Ever?

And other not-quite-burning questions from 'Chapter 5.'

This week, we get confirmation that a whole host of characters in David's mind -- Lenny, Benny, Short Pants Hitler, and even King (snif) -- are manifestations of the yellow-eyed devil, and that the devil can not only alter David's memories, but those of other people who see him as well. But just because those questions have been answered doesn't mean I don't have more!

How did Cary turn out to be unaffected by Kerry's injury?

Last week, we had Cary doing all that goofy mimicking of Kerry's fighting. But was she actually controlling his movements at that point? It's not like they're in lockstep all the time; was their connection just heightened when she was in danger? I mean, when she got her ass kicked, it seemed like he did too, and when she got shot, it looked like he suffered an internal injury as well -- but at the start of this episode, with her being carried back to Summerland in critical condition, he's fine. Do his healing powers just work faster on himself? I can't say I understand their symbiosis yet, but in the end, after Kerry stabilizes enough for Cary to absorb her, this is the result:



Talk about living to fight another day.

Is the White Room in the astral plane?

I don't think they said it explicitly, but I'm pretty sure all the unrealities David, or "David," makes are there. I only mention it because if the team gets trapped there they might be able to take sanctuary with Oliver. However....

Does Oliver sound like he's not especially beneficent?

When Melanie talks about Oliver's forays into the astral plane, she says that he "found a place where he could rule," which sets off my alarm bells. It's true he's been trapped in the plane for only twenty-one years, while the yellow-eyed devil has been in David's mind for about thirty, but Oliver presumably was experimenting with the astral plane long before becoming a permanent resident. I don't think he's actually the devil -- the shot we saw last week of the devil outside his haven seems to eliminate that possibility -- but I still think there's a lot more to his involvement than we yet know.

Also, he's a beat poet. How good can he be?

That story about Syd's first time was rill disturbing, right?

So after Syd and David manage to Do Astral Sex, she confesses that she's not a virgin; when she was sixteen, she used her power to switch places with her passed-out mother and fucked her mom's boyfriend, only to lose the transfer mid-coitus, with the result that her mother suddenly came to and started screaming. This means Syd managed to violate two birds' consent with one stone, and although an exploration of her question of "Who teaches us to be normal when we're one of a kind?" is resonant and worth exploring AND neatly foretells a need for a Charles Xavier, it's still pretty rough ground to tread.

What combination of powers did David use against Division Three?

His telekinesis is powerful enough, but given images such as this:



It looks like he threw in some weaponized teleportation as well, which means he's gonna be pretty hard to take down in a fight. Yikes.

(By the way, I don't know anything, but between the nature of his powers and just general dramatic structure, I'm betting the Summerland people are eventually going to have to team up with The Eye to defeat the yellow-eyed devil. You heard it here maybe first or thereabouts.)

Speaking of the yellow-eyed devil: is he the Shadow King from the X-Men universe?

It pretty much all fits, from the possession of telepaths to the astral-plane existence to even the Hitler image. Plus, according to Wikipedia, the Shadow King is a glutton; it fits with the best look we've gotten at the yellow-eyed devil this far:




Keeping on the X-Men theme, is the headgear gizmo Cary made a Cerebro stand-in?

He says it will allow them to talk to David directly without interference from the yellow-eyed devil, so although it doesn't have near the scope of functionality that Cerebro does, it seems like a workable prototype.

Last X-Men question: David's dad is Charles Xavier, right?

Although that's the case in the comics, I wasn't sure they'd go there here. But the revelation that he's adopted makes it seem almost certain; it's too much of a tease to the viewers otherwise. (And I doubt they'll get anyone from the movies to appear, so start your TV-Xavier fantasy-casting now.)

Worst group therapy session ever?

When all the major players converge in David's old house -- which Melanie suspects is actually a David illusion, meaning they've all traveled into his mind -- David is in a fugue state, possessed by the devil. So when The Eye appears and moves to shoot David, you have to wonder if at least some of the Summerland people are inclined to let him go through with it -- looking your way, Ptonomy -- but Syd yells for David to pull them to the White Room, and whether it's David himself or the devil who does so, they escape. However, Syd soon finds herself being chased by the devil himself, and although she screams for David to save her and he does seem to try, the devil does indeed grab her -- whereupon they end up transported to a place at which Lenny is leading a group therapy session:



Did the devil take them all (the entire Summerland crew, plus David and The Eye) here, or did David? I have some theories about what's happening now, but this is so crazy I'm just gonna wait for next week. Or maybe I'll seek out the group therapy of the forums.

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