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The Legends Of Tomorrow Take On The Aliens Of Today

Fortunately, they've got help from the rest of the DC universe.

Okay, as you surely know if you're generally exposed to any CW promos or advertising, this is the last of a four-part crossover event spanning all the network's DC shows. You're well-covered if you're interested in what happened this week on Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow, but what you really need to know is that at the end of last season, The Flash went into the past and created an alternate timeline called Flashpoint, and things in the DC Universe literally haven't been the same since. Also, aliens called the Dominators have arrived on Earth, not for the first time, and although their ultimate goal is as yet unclear, they killed the President, so they mean business. (Maybe we can get them to come back after January 20?)

So now, at the episode's beginning, the team is back together, and they come up with the idea to travel back to 1951 to try to pick off a Dominator for interrogation/study purposes. Heat Wave, Vixen, and Nate/Steel succeed in this effort -- only to be captured by some Men In Black-looking dudes, the leader of whom is a young, poor man's CGB Spender from The X-Files. The Flash's Cisco and Arrow's Felicity trade their computers for guns and bust their comrades out, and Cisco prevails upon the rest of them to save the Dominator from the clutches of the evil government types. Before sending him home, though, Cisco steals a transponder from the alien's ship, so he'll be able to communicate with him back in the present if the need arises.

And, in said present, things are messy. Most people are still mad at Barry for the Flashpoint thing, but Stein's got a secret of his own: he's the one responsible for the timeline shift that brought his daughter into existence, thanks to a conversation he recently had with his younger self about giving his wife the good stuff on way more of the reg. Also, Oliver wants to minimize Kara's involvement in their war against the Dominators, because of reasons? It makes no sense, but of course Kara gets the last word by later saving Oliver's life. And when Cisco and the rest of the time travelers get back, Cisco uses the transponder to Vibe himself and Nate to the mothership to talk to the Dominator whose life he saved -- whereupon said Dominator tells him they need Barry to surrender to them for having fucked the timeline, and if he doesn't, they'll destroy every last metahuman on Earth. Fun! Cisco realizes that in trying to do something good in saving the Dominator, he may have screwed things up even more, and this revelation leads him to forgive Barry for Flashpoint-ing his brother out of being alive, or whatever; a whole lot of airtime has revolved around this Dante character who was in two episodes max and also was kind of a jerk the whole time?

ANYWAY, Barry, of course, is willing to sacrifice himself so that millions of metas may live, but the team stupidly won't let him, and they end up (a) using a gizmo that Stein and his nanotech-expert daughter made together to incapacitate the Dominators and (b) sending Firestorm to transmute the metahuman-killing bomb into something harmless. The aliens flee the Earth, and Kara does the same thanks to a new doohickey Cisco invented that will allow her to cross universes at will, so prepare for more visits from Supergirl in the near to middle future, I'd say. Probably the only thing that directly affects the Legends going forward is Stein's decision not to erase his daughter from existence, as he'd planned to earlier in the episode, but also, Barry and Oliver have a few beers together, which I always enjoy seeing.

BUT NONE OF THE IS THE POINT. What is? These two moments. First, when Felicity travels through time on the Wave Rider, her speech is temporarily affected. So what comes out of her mouth?

The CW

The CW

Allison Lowe Huff would be so proud! And then, here's Brandon Routh Ray telling us the following about Supergirl:

The CW

The CW

I can't resist a good meta joke! And I like this one too!

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