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The Legends Of Tomorrow Reach The End Of Time

But are the Time Masters happy to see them?

  • Flashback

    The Good Old Days

    Hey, remember when Rip went back in time to try to kill Savage before he could murder Chay-Ara and Khufu for the first time? Well, so does Savage, and now that he and Rip have a chance to chat, he asks Rip how he managed to escape his prison. We then see the scene from the past, in which Savage asks Rip to tell him the secrets of the future, and Rip not-entirely-respectfully declines. Still, we know Savage had some grasp of the concept of time travel even in his first life, which is not really that interesting or important, but is a thing that happened.

  • Meeting Time

    Time To Make Up Our Minds

    Who called the meeting? Given that half the people involved are drinking, let's say sweet, sweet Scotch.

    What's it about? Discussing the Savage sitch.

    How'd it go? Initially, not great, with Cold and Heat Wave of the opinion that Kendra should kill him, Stein and Kendra herself with the opposing viewpoint, and Sara somewhere in the middle but probably more with CC and HW. (Team Kill Him does point out, as I mentioned last episode, that Carter's next life will return to normal so his memories seems like a real small price to pay for getting rid of Savage, but somehow the whole team isn't swayed.) However, Ray busts in with proof that Savage's giant robot from last episode was built with technology from a time at least a century later than 2166, which is proof positive that Savage has been engaging in time-travel fuckery of his own. So if you think, as Rip does, that the Time Masters are going to welcome Rip with open arms when they "learn" of this new evidence, it went great! (I probably shouldn't have air-quoted that word. Now that I see it, it seems spoilery.)

  • That Quote
    "Do not misquote Tacitus to me. I knew him well."
    - Vandal Savage -
  • Plot Lightning Round

    Rip confronts Savage about his use of time travel, and Savage is like, I learned it from watching you! Turns out it was Rip and the Legends' arrival in 1975 that woke Savage up to the existence of the technology -- although it's hard to believe an immortal being needed nearly four thousand years to clue in there -- and Savage goes on that while Rip grieves for his one son, Savage has buried dozens of his own thanks to the inexorable passage of time! He then cautions Rip that "I play a far deeper game than you could hope to comprehend," and while he's never not a windbag, in this case he'll be proven not wrong!


    Kendra tries to get through to Carter about their relationship, but Carter sneers that he's a servant of Savage, who warned him against their tricks! It is really irritating how much better prepared Savage is than Rip, just as a general rule!


    Despite severe damage to the Wave Rider, Rip is pushing her far past Gideon's recommended speed to try to reach the Vanishing Point! He assures Sara (who checked with Gideon that capturing Savage had no effect on the timeline, btw, like MAYBE THAT'S A CLUE) that the ship will hold together, and no sooner do the words leave his mouth than circuits start frying like it's the Millennium Falcon! The only thing missing is some Sad-Trombone-esque music!


    Sara goes to check on Savage, who warns her that Rip chose his Legends according to whom he could manipulate, and his obsession with his family will kill them all! He then asks if she's spoken to Laurel lately, and Sara just sniffs at his attempts to get inside her head! Well, now's a really inconvenient time for grieving anyway!


    Speaking of Star Wars, w/r/t their current mission, Cold tells Heat Wave he's got a bad feeling about it! I'm not sure anyone has a great feeling about it, Cold, but I respect your opinion as always!

  • Flashback

    Saying Goodbye

    So Rip sent Jax to fix the Time Drive, not telling him how dangerous the errand might be, and sure enough, although Jax is successful, he gets hit with "temporal radiation" that starts rapidly aging him. It also seems to send him into a flashback, except several other characters also eventually recall what they were doing right before they left on this Legends mission, so one really has nothing to do with the other, I guess! The point is, Jax flashes back to his mother giving him a watch before he promises her he won't be late for dinner -- he just has to say goodbye to a friend! If it's a roofie friend, his mom does not ask!


    Ray recalls Felicity (who learned about Ray's mission from Oliver, that blabbermouth) telling him he needs to come back to the world, and he promises to do just that after the Legends deal with Savage! Great!


    Sara goes to Nanda Parbat to see her imprisoned former lover Nyssa (it's too Arrow-y to explain why she's under lock and key), and while Nyssa is floored that she's back to herself, she tells her to go on the mission: "If you love me you'll leave this place behind and be unburdened by your past"! Sara needs no further convincing!


    Stein – who heavily implies what he's about to do, and she seems to grasp it -- tells his wife everything he does is driven by his love for her! That is legit adorable!

  • Alert!

    Crisis Of Confidence

    Alert Type: Potential Abandonment Alert.

    Issue: Now that the Time Drive has been fixed, it needs a full system reboot to be operational again, so while they wait, Sara confronts Rip about sending Jax into a lethal situation as he did.

    Complicating Factors: Sara's already had Savage whisper in her ear about Rip, which to her credit she acknowledges, but Rip in turn admits that Savage is right -- he would put saving his family over his crew's interests, and what's more, he's not sure if he sent Jax to do the repairs instead of handling them himself because on some level he knew the danger might potentially be fatal. (This ignores the fact that Rip has risked his life to save the rest of them in the past, but fine.)

    Resolution: The unrest over this issue spreads to Cold and Heat Wave -- not helped by the fact that Jax's blood chemistry is now that of a sixty-three-year-old and there's nothing Gideon can do to reverse it -- and Rip tells them that since the jump ship is equipped with a one-time, one-way ticket back to Star City 2016, they're welcome to take it and go.

    Spoiler: White Canary is loyal to the end.

  • Meeting Time

    Pressing Buttons

    Who called the meeting? Ray.

    What's it about? To -- get this -- demand Savage tell him how to restore Carter's memories.

    How'd it go? Well, Savage, smelling weakness like week-old cheese lying out in the sun, wonders if that's what Ray really wants, as it will mean losing Kendra forever. He goes on that he met Chay-Ara back in her second life, and since she had no memories of his "crime of passion," as he puts it, they fell in love and were happy -- until Khufu showed up and ruined everything. (And probably got stabbed, if this episode and the rest of history is any indication.) Ray sticks out his chin and says Carter's a good man, but Savage reiterates his argument about the restoration of Carter meaning the loss of Kendra, adding, "And she'd hardly be the first woman you've lost." Ray:


    Of course Savage still sucks, but I'd love to see a supercut of him taking notes while lurking around corners and in closets in past important moments of the Legends' lives. That would put his cartoonishness to good use; it'd basically be like Looney Tunes.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Ray catches Kendra reciting the eternal love poem to Carter, and even though she explains that she was just trying to jog his memory, he tells her it's over "unless you can tell me I'll ever be more than Carter's placeholder"! You're that kind of by definition, Ray; give her a question she can work with!


    Stein goes to see Savage (who smiles how he finally gets to talk to someone with an intellect equal to his own, and again, Savage sucks but he's actually making a lot of sense this episode), to ask him about the ritual in which he shared his immortality with his followers, hoping he can do the same for Jax! Savage informs him that it was Carter's blood that allowed him to do so, but in talking through accusing Savage of just saying that to sow more discord among the Legends' ranks, Stein mentions being stranded in the time stream and then gets An Idea!

  • Awkward

    The Circle Of Roofies Is Complete

    Situation: Stein brings Jax to the jump ship.

    What makes it awkward? When Jax realizes that Stein means to send him back to Star City 2016 (with some "science" modifications to the jump ship's course that will reverse the effects of the temporal radiation) without the others, he doesn't want to leave the team or compromise their chances for later escape. So this happens:


    Jax can't believe Stein roofied him again (it's actually only a mild sedative this time), but Stein counters that last time, he was only thinking of himself; this time, he's got Jax's best interests at heart. Jax desperately points out that if they're separated, Stein will die (that goes back to The Flash, in case you're wondering), but Stein stands tall and says he's lived his life. "Now you must live yours. Give my love to Clarissa. Tell her I'm sorry. She deserves a proper goodbye." You could say the consequences of the separation are moot given that if Jax stays, he'll die, which would also be fatal to Stein. But as emotional beats go: WHOOONK!

    How is order restored? The jump ship departs, and while Cold and Heat Wave, arriving just too late, certainly aren't happy about it, Stein prevails on them to go back to the original plan and deliver Savage to the Vanishing Point. Stein, you know I love you, but can't you give Team Kill Him another chance to plead their case?

  • Snapshot
  • Dialogue

    Never Change, Captain Cold

    Gotta love a setup for Captain Cold!

    Who are you to stand against me? Vandal Savage, destroyer of empires!
    Leonard Snart, robber of ATMs!
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Vandal Savage vs. Various Legends

    With Savage having disabled Gideon, Rip busts out some old-fashioned maps of the time stream (or "river of time," as Stein episode-titles) and enlists Sara as navigator, as she can make tough decisions under pressure, leaving Cold, Heat Wave, and Ray to go after Savage and the freed Carter. (The show really has kept the two halves of Firestorm apart a lot, have you noticed? Is it that they're too powerful, or that their visual effects are too expensive?) Ray is in his Atom suit now, so OF COURSE he rushes Savage to engage in hand-to-hand like a fucking idiot, and Savage deftly grabs his gun arm and uses it to shoot Cold and Heat Wave before knocking Ray out. God, I feel bad for Brandon Routh having to play such a moron. Kendra is losing her fight with Carter -- until Rip, who turned flying the ship over to Sara (and if this is prelude to a White Canary-led team in S2, I am here for it), intervenes. But Savage shoots him and takes Kendra by the throat, and things look to be over -- until Something Happens; I don't know if it's the threat of death to his ancient love, but Carter experiences a sharp pain in his head and ringing in his ears -- and then he's back to his old self. And by "back to his old self," I mean that he (a) Hawks out and (b) almost immediately gets stabbed by Savage, which really is hilarious, but seeing her love taken down again gets Kendra to her feet, and in a flurry of fists, Savage is knocked out.

    Winner: The Legends, but really Sara, because did I mention this?



  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Bye Forever I HOPE

    With Carter back, Kendra doesn't even pretend that she can keep it up with Ray, thank God. He's tearful but not bitter: "When I lost Anna, I thought I couldn't find anyone I could spend the rest of my life with. You proved me wrong." I mean, did she? Because without you two being stranded out of your proper time, I don't know if you would have lasted a week.

  • J. Walter Weather­man Lesson


    Rip triumphantly shows the Time Council his evidence -- and it turns out the Time Masters are in league with Savage, OF COURSE. (That said, I'm surprised the entirety of the TMs are in on it; Captain Baxter in the time-pirates episode didn't seem like she knew anything nefarious.) That jerk who tried to kill the whole team -- could have been a clue to how this was going to go, Rip -- tells Rip, "You were never able to take the long view of history," whatever the hell THAT'S supposed to mean, and after Kendra, Stein, Heat Wave, and Ray (and I assume the convalescent Carter, although we don't see him) are taken into custody, Savage taunts Rip that he's off to 2166: "I've been waiting so very long to meet your family." Cold!

    BUT SPEAKING OF WHOM, Cold's Spidey Sense went off, enabling him and Sara to hide before the Time Masters's goons boarded. That means the Legends actually have a better chance to get out of this since there's no one incompetent around to fuck things up, RAY.

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