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Stein Meets Einstein In Legends Of Tomorrow's Season 2 Premiere

They say never meet your heroes, but this one helps the team stop an A-bomb. BUT AT WHAT COST? (Unclear, really.)

Welcome to Season 2 of Legends Of Tomorrow! So remember the dramatic ending of Season 1, in which Rex Tyler appeared to the Legends and told them not to board the Wave Rider or they'd all die? Well, he was specifically telling them not to go to New York City in 1942, which seems like an order they can follow -- until they learn that, thanks to a time aberration, the Nazis got the bomb early and destroyed the city. So off they go!

Not that we see any of this. Instead, an eager young historian named Dr. Heywood (yes, it's very difficult for me to see that name and not tack "Jablome" onto it) appears to Arrow's now-Mayor Oliver Queen to inform him that his work as a "time detective" has uncovered indications that the Legends prevented the atomic bomb from destroying the city -- but since their whereabouts are now unknown, they can only assume they did so at great cost. One infusion of Queen money/access to resources later, they've recovered the Wave Rider from the bottom of the ocean -- still intact and functional and holding Heat Wave in stasis to boot. From him, they get more of the story: when the Legends realized that New York City would be destroyed without their intervention, they chose to defy Tyler's warning and go to 1942 New York to save Albert Einstein, who they assume the Nazis forced to work on the A-bomb on their behalf. They also discover that Damien Darhk is the one supplying the Nazis with uranium, and since Sara's after him for the murder of her sister, this is interesting news indeed.

In the end, the Legends save Einstein and his ex-wife -- she's the one who actually created the weapon for the Nazis under duress, don't you know -- and position the Wave Rider to absorb the blast from the bomb. Unwilling to risk his crew, though, Rip transports them all (save Mick, who was shot in the earlier melee and as such wouldn't have survived a time jump) into the reaches of time, leading to an amusing-enough montage of them all being rescued from dinosaurs, child kings, and angry villagers. He leaves them a message that they're stronger together, but he's nowhere to be found, so with Dr. Heywood joining the team as a time expert, they'll presumably be searching time for Rip while dealing with whichever time-traveler is clearly helping Darhk.

Oh, you want to know who the time traveler is? IT'S THE REVERSE-FLASH, recently brought back into existence by The Flash himself. Legends, please address your complaints to Mr. Barry Allen, c/o the Central City Police Department. And good luck; you're gonna need it. (Also, the show is silly, but with no Savage and no Hawks, I think I'm really going to enjoy this season.)

But the real question is: how Legend-ary is this episode of Legends Of Tomorrow?

Legends Of Tomorrow-ish Element Present?
Rip Someone directly addresses the group as "Legends" Rip, in his closing message: "Stick together and remember: history is yours now, my dear Legends." Hey, Legends, there's something in your eyes!
It's Ladies' Night Sara hooks up with the Queen of France (Jax playfully later ribbing her for same) AND some Salem Goodys from the witch trials era. And a lot of the former assignation is seen onscreen! You go, CW in your 8 o'clock hour!
The "I" In "Team" Ray puts Sara on blast for her side agenda of going after Darhk, which, first off, it's not clear to me why they wouldn't want to stop Darhk from generally doing evil even without knowing about the Reverse-Flash time-travel fuckery aspect of it; and second, she's Sara and she's perfect forever so shut up Ray. ALTHOUGH, he is proven to have a point when later, with the team outgunned, Sara initially ignores Rip's call for her to fall back in favor of continuing to fight with Darhk; she does eventually return to save the day, but she's worth keeping an eye on. Still, I stand by my suggestion that Ray zip it.
Time: an unknowable phenomenon, especially for the writers I mean, the show skips over the very simple question of why, if the Legends altered the timeline with their actions, Heywood would be aware of that. I suppose it's possible he has some power that allows him awareness of different timelines -- it would make sense now that he's fallen in with the Legends -- but until I learn that's the case, I'm going to call bullshit.
From elsewhere in the DC Universe... Oliver Queen, Damien Darhk, the Reverse-Flash (although it sure looks like those last two will be the co-Big Bads of the season, and I'm not super-mad about that).
"Time" is used in a job description/defining character trait "Time detective," hee.
Clothes make the man -- and the time period [facepalm] The Legends dress up in period-appropriate courtier costumes for their visit to 17th-century France...

The CW

The CW

...and the highlight is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Mick, of course.

Take cover! It's a Time MacGuffin! The ship is rocked by a "timequake," which apparently can happen when an aberration of huge magnitude occurs. Even Rip has never experienced one before, possibly because the writers added it to the pink pages.
Nerdgasm Alert Stein totally fanboys out on Einstein, even drawing attention to the matching part of their names, to which Einstein is hilariously nonplussed. After some temporary disappointment from Stein at what an unapologetic horndog his idol proves to be, though, (Ein)stein work together for the good of humanity, so that's nice, but more of Victor Garber fawning over his idols, please.
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