It's Your Law & Order Drinking Game!

A thirsty viewer's companion to the series we know as the Mothership.

Around the turn of the millennium, when I was in the middle of my undergraduate years, my friend Amy and I got very invested in watching Law & Order reruns on A&E. I remember, for instance, that we once raced out of a Ben and Jerry's in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta so that we could make it home for the 7:00 episode. As we ran down the stairs, we shouted, "Fourth season or higher!" Because obviously, the show didn't get great until the ladies arrived.

Perhaps unavoidably for college students, our pastime evolved into a drinking game. (Don't ask me why, but we used a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor.) It was so much fun that I still play to this day while I'm watching. I don't drink that much anymore, as my decrepit old bones can no longer handle the booze, but whenever the moment arises, I still think "drink!"

And now you can, too! I'm pleased to present a Law & Order Drinking Game, which blends my original rules with revised and updated drinking opportunities that I'm making up today. And since a game like this can never truly be complete, please add more entries in the comments!

  • "Chung-chung!"
  • The date on the title card is within one week of your birthday:
  • The date on the title card is your actual birthday:
  • Future opening-credits cast member appears in a different role:
  • Future famous actor has a small role:
  • Future famous actor is the killer:
  • Denis O'Hare or Lauren Ambrose appears:
  • The Julia Roberts one:


  • Lennie makes a morbid wisecrack:
  • Someone other than Lennie makes a morbid wisecrack, which only invites negative comparisons to Lennie:


  • A witness gets sassy with the detectives:
  • The detectives get snippy with each other:
  • Van Buren fixes a witness, suspect, fellow officer, or ADA with a death glare, then says something along the lines of "Don't even try me, little girl":
  • Rey worries about his sick wife. Jamie, Van Buren, or Lennie worries about a child. Green worries about a fellow officer's family. Fontana worries about ruining his expensive outfit:
  • One of Schiff's or Lennie's old friends is corrupt:
  • Olivet!
  • Skoda!
  • Profaci!
  • Medical Examiner Rogers!
  • You hear the jangle of spurs as Jack gets on his high horse:


  • Jack explains how it was in the '60s:
  • The internet is proven to be dangerous or scary:
  • A fake website or app has a hilariously stupid name:
  • Someone went to Princeton:
  • The killer went to Princeton:
  • In the opening scene, the civilian who discovers the corpse is in the middle of an argument:
  • When the detectives arrive, they know the homicide wasn't a robbery because the victim is still wearing a watch or still has a wallet/purse:
  • Lennie mentions his drinking problem:
  • "The framers of the Constitution never imagined this!"
  • A defense attorney character has been on the show before:
  • A former ADA returns as a defense attorney:


  • The defense attorney is Danielle Melnick:


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