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Huck From Scandal Purse-Snatches Some Lady To Death

And other rewritten loglines from Law & Order: Mothership's tenth season.

  • Ed Green Arrives To Question Van Buren's Judgment, Annoy Briscoe With Jerky Nicknames, Lose At Poker, And Excessive-Force A Woman-Hating Mass Shooter, So McCoy Goes After The Gun Manufacturer; The Same Dicksmacky Judge Who Was Creepy About Developmentally Delayed Lauren Ambrose "Enjoying" Getting Raped Overturns The Guilty Verdict
  • Skoda Wants Psycho Rachel Greene Committed For Killing A Neighborhood Kid For Funsies; Pregnant Olivet Disagrees; Young Janice Soprano Is Creepy
  • Professor Maggie Walsh Refuses To Believe Her Husband Vin Makazian Tried To Have Her Killed
  • The Last In Anne Twomey's Law & Order Cold-Patrician-Bitch Troika Involves Finch From American Pie, A Moxley-Type Murder, And Olivet's Rapey Gyno As An Attorney
  • Defense Counsel/Secret Tipster Jamie Ross Is The Leverage McCoy Needs To Get A Guy Off Death Row, The Honorable Richard Masur's Attempts To Obstruct Him Be Damned
  • Huck From Scandal Purse-Snatches Some Lady To Death; Van Buren Is Being A Capital C For Some Reason
  • C-Square Is Back, And He Killed Two Sisters (OR DID HE) (He Might Have?) (…He Didn't)
  • Finally, Bradley White Gets To Play A Guy Who Isn't An Unblinking Stalker. Too Bad His Dad Killed His Mom Because Alzheimer's
  • hee!


  • Robert Clohessy Aids And Abets His Bully Son Tim Gutterson From Justified
  • Yet Another "Simpletons Broke Their Baby" Episode Starring Mike From Blair Witch Project
  • Mickey Doyle Almost Gets Shot When Lucius From Gladiator's Real-Life Sister Tries To Kill A Crime Writer For Cuckolding Her Dad Tom Berenger
  • Crossover Alert!: One Of Adam's Shady Fake-Kennedy Friends Protects Her Granddaughter, Sebastian Kydd's Fake-Kennedy Mom, From A Murder Rap In A Case Logan Couldn't Close Back In The Day
  • The Guy Who Mugged Joey Potter And Dr. Meredith Grey As Bernardo And Homolka
  • Steven Keaton Gets Mixed Up In An Excessively Complicated Pump-And-Dump Equities Scheme Run By Johnny Sack's Stunod Son
  • Kevin Smith Stole A Keg, Which Fails To Ignite A Race War That Sets McCoy And Adam At Odds
  • Luxury-Lounge Con Man David St. Hubbins Has A Chopper Blown Up Because Gail Stanwyk's Husband Might Have Boned His Wife Martha Kent
  • 2014-12-02-lando-mccoy-brandish
  • The CBS Schoolbreak Special "What If I'm Gay" Kid's Dad Hounded The Kid's Wife To Death For Having An Affair And Fucking Up The Dad's Couples-Counseling Practice (But Not, Ironically, Because The Kid Is Gay)
  • Officer Miles Straume Translates For A Chinese Sex-Trafficking Victim
  • Retired Porn Star/Benadryl Abuser Adrienne Shelly And Stephen Spinella's Splendiferous Mustache Arrange The Murder Of A Coed Stripper Who Blackmailed Them About Insider Trading
  • Judy Brooks Tries To Frame Angry McPhee For Putting His Sugar Mama In A Coma During A Necrophilia-Simulating Sex Game, Then Blames Roger Sterling; Carmichael: "…Gross"
  • …Something About Rowan Pope And Chilean War Crimes? I Don't Know. This Season's Plots Get Seriously Convoluted. In Other News, Bye Adam


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