Hank From Sirens Rae Carruths His Baby Mama While Lennie Corrects Omar Little's Grammar On Law & Order

And other, more accurate episode summaries from the eleventh season.

  • Anne Of Green Gables Mercy-Arsons Her Son With No Help From Her Ex-Husband Johnny Cakes, Coop Isn't Such A Great Expert Witness, And Mayor Giuliani Introduces Nora Lewin And Her Mao Collars
  • Officer Charles Boyle Finds Phil Dunphy's Estranged Wife Beaten To Death On The Subway Platform
  • Arthur Gold's Last Stand: Either Headmistress Queller Or Her Conductor Husband Killed A Violinist
  • Teddy Beckersted Gets Away With Arranging A Prison Hit On The Guy Who Raped Tony Blundetto's Girlfriend; The Honorable Former Mrs. Giuliani Presiding
  • Harry Goldenblatt Tries To Hide From A Murder Rap In Israel
  • Rowan Pope Helps Retired Black Panther Linc Hayes Get Away With Killing A Cop
  • The Martha Moxley One
  • The Short Kid From Sleepers's Dad Claims Sports Rage Made Him Murder His Son's Hockey Coach
  • Iron Man's Major Allen Fires Dr. Dave Bowman To Defend Himself, Tries To Work His Con-Man Magic On His Murder Trial's Forewoman
  • I Neither Laughed Nor Cried And It Was NOT In Fact Better Than Cats, But The Original Rum Tum Tugger Is This Animal-Rights Pinko's Defense Lawyer
  • Brian Darling Totally Did Not Kill Skipper Johnston's Ex-Wife At The Puerto Rican Day Parade
  • Mr. Cyr From Parenthood And His Friends Thrill-Kill A Delivery Guy
  • Hank From Sirens Rae Carruths His Baby Mama While Lennie Corrects Omar Little's Grammar
  • 2016-08-26-lando-mccoy-henhhhh
  • When Dave Rose Shoves The Puck Of L&O's Fake Real World Off A Roof, McCoy Goes After The Network
  • Bronx ADA Keith David Refuses To Admit That He Fucked Up And Sent The Wrong Guy To Prison For Crimes Zed From Pulp Fiction Committed
  • Tracy Quartermaine Covers For Nestor Serrano For Killing His Co-Worker/Lover…For Awhile
  • Burt Peterson's Wife, Who Really Looks Like The Girl Who Puked On Her Teammate In Bring It On But Is Not The Same Actor (Whose Name, By The Way, Is "Nectar Rose") (I Know, Right?), Is Smuggling Cocaine On Military Transports
  • Megan Wheeler Can't Go Through With Blackmailing Her Rich (Not-)Bio Dad
  • Lieutenant Tucker Is Overinvested In Whitey "Nnnnnnoonan!" Bulger
  • Jamie Ross Is Back As A Defense Attorney: Yay! For A Kid Who Columbined His School Cafeteria: Boo. And She And Carmichael Keep Snarling At Each Other: Extra Boo.
  • The Shrink From The "A, My Name Is Alex" Ep Of Family Ties Orders A Hit On Judge Nurse Camille Shutt
  • 2016-08-26-lando-abbye
  • In Which Abbie Breaks Our Hearts So Badly By Leaving Us To The Devices Of That Blonde Log, We Can't Even Concentrate On The Customarily Byzantine Season-Finale Plot Involving The State Senate And Spoons Parisi ABBIE DON'T GOOOOOOOOOO


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