An Already-Bleak Take On The Diane Whipple Dog-Attack Case Is Not Improved By The Law & Order Debut Of Serena Southerlyn

And other new loglines for the show's twelfth season.

  • An Already-Bleak Take On The Diane Whipple Dog-Attack Case Featuring Sgt. Kay Howard Is Not Improved By The Debut Of Serena Southerlyn
  • Sister Bettina Defends Tanner '88 When He Kills His Vietnam Buddy To Shut Him Up About How They My Lai'd A Village
  • Hector Salamanca Advises Briscoe And Green On How Montana Morehead Might Have Had A Bookie Killed; Green Makes A Sopranos Reference To The Guy Who Played Georgie The Bartender…On The Sopranos
  • Here's How Many Times I've Seen Diner: I Spotted The FBI Agent As Fenwick's Brother Without Having To Look It Up. Also, Holling Vincoeur's Son Gets Murdered Because Cedric Daniels Wanted To Avenge Conflict Diamonds, And French And African Accents Get Murdered Because Aren't They Always
  • "Painless" Waldowski From M*A*S*H Gets Embroiled In That New Yorkiest Of Tragedies: A Rent-Control Murder
  • The Robert Blake One With Gary Busey, Only He's A Lounge Singer Instead Of An Actor And Didn't Actually Do It
  • When Fetal Snow White Finds Her Boyfriend Dead, It Ends Up Blowing Up Adult Christina Crawford's Spot For Falsifying Fingerprint Records
  • The Councilman Logan Got Sent To Staten Island For Punching Is Representing A Hip-Hop Mogul Who Totally Did Not Shoot A Guy In Stringer Bell's Club (Because Olivia Pope Did It)
  • Well, Racism IS A Mental Defect, But The Bigot Who Shot A Guy For Stealing His Cab Is Still Going To Have To Do Time For It
  • ChumHum CEO Neil Gross Reeeeeally Wants To Get Southerlyn Disbarred For Misrepresenting Her Allegiances In A Hostage Situation; Alas, He Does Not Succeed
  • The Chandra Levy One, Except This Time The Senator's Wife Frames Him For It
  • Frank Whaley's Firm Is A Little TOO Good At The Cyber, Because A Client Stalked And Killed His Therapist
  • Remember That Yearlong Stretch When Every Procedural Had To Do A Rebirthing-Therapy Episode? Law & Order's Strings Up Katie Sipowicz
  • Alana Bloom Kills Her Ex-GF To Avoid Getting Outed…Sooooo It IS In Fact Because She's A Lesbian
  • Agent Sanseverino Is Back, And Conspired With The Mom Who Poisoned Mischa Barton In The Sixth Sense To Murder Her Abusive Husband
  • Finn Detrolio's Roommate Gets Killed For Exposing A Fast-Food Company's E. Coli-spiracy
  • When Kasey Sankey Pitches Her Dad Walter Peck's Child Bride Off The Roof, Peck's Bitter Ex Catherine Durant Tries To Act Like She Did It
  • The Danny Almonte One -- Apparently? Only The Disclaimer Card At The Beginning Tipped Me To The Headline It Was Ripped From; I Had No Memory Of Either Episode Nor Real-Life Case
  • ADA Borgia Is A Stripper "Dating" A Defense Attorney Who Killed His Wife To Be With Her (And Framed A Client For The Killing)
  • Ground Zero Of The Opioid Epidemic, For Which Busmalis Is Responsible
  • The Poor Man's Anthony Michael Hall Takes The War On Terror Into His Own Hands


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