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Amanda Peet Got Patty Hearsted Into Robbing Two Delis And A Nightclub

And other glorious highlights from the sixth season of Law & Order: Mothership.

  • Briscoe Has Ties Older Than Rey Curtis And His Glorious Mid-Nineties Lightbulb Pouf; Pervy Artie Bucco Gets Shot In Open Court
  • Amid Hilarity Involving "The Net," "Electronic Mail," And The Two-Bedroom Apartment Rey Is Passing Off As A Laptop, Robert Knepper Plays A Biker Variation On His Usual Racist Cretin
  • After A Drug-Money-Laundering Fail, Spy Daddy Becomes A Death-Penalty Test Case
  • Louis From Grease 2 Killed A Guy Again, But This Time He Almost Gets Off Thanks To One Of Adam Schiff's 42,501 Corrupt Friends
  • Amanda Peet Claims She Got Patty Hearsted Into Robbing Two Delis And A Nightclub
  • Rey Makes Reverend Brian Darling Wet Himself During An Interrogation; We Wet Ourselves At Sandy Duncan Teasing Claire About Boinking McCoy
  • Fisher Stevens Defends The Susan Smith Rey Church-Flirted Into Confessing
  • David Lee's Wife Is Killed By An Anti-Semitic Student Whose Defense Attorney Is Colonel Frank Fitts
  • When A 30-Year-Old Kitty Genovese-Type Case Gets Reopened, Fish Gets Defensive About Not Questioning Carlo Gervasi While The First Mrs. Roger Sterling Angles For A Headline
  • 2014-01-07-lando-loglined
  • Back When She Was McCoy's Work "Friend," Young Livia Soprano Railroaded An Innocent Man For Clay Davis's Serial Killings
  • Briscoe & Curtis & Pembleton & Bayliss
  • Robinette Returns To Defend A Junkie Kidnapper; Stone Is Mentioned As A Witness, But Is "Traveling In Europe" (Read: Moriarty Is Bonkers)
  • Larry Miller Kills Another Wife, But This Time He Tries To Pin It On Larry Boy Barese
  • That Guy Didn't John List His Family After All; His Daughter Meredith Gray Got Her Boyfriend Shawn Hatosy To Frame Him (Also, Claire And Dr. Erica Hahn In Squash Goggles; Hee)
  • Maybe Closeted Boon Killed His Boyfriend, Or Maybe His Wife Mary Beth Hurt Did It
  • Drugs Are Bad Vol. I: Christophuh Moltisanti Offs A Model Over Drugs
  • …Vol. II: Agent Robyn Sanseverino Traded Her Kid For Drugs
  • Dr. Faye Miller And Ava Crowder Are Co-Ed Hookers
  • It Only Seems Like Denis O'Hare Played A Pro Se Shit-Stirrer Once A Season On Mothership; He Only Did It Twice, And This Is The One Where He's Schizophrenic And Doesn't Stay On His Meds
  • It Looks Like Audrey Raines's Homesick Nanny Nicotine-Poisoned The Baby, But After Patti LuPone Shames Audrey For Working Outside The Home, We Find Out The Baby's Half-Brother, Peggy Olson's Boyfriend Abe, Actually Did It
  • RIP New York State's First Death-Penalty Inmate, Briscoe's Sobriety, Rey's Self-Regarding Fidelity, And Claire


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