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The Tracy Pollan One Where Benson Bones Cassidy And Then Blows Him Off

And other, more accurate episode summaries from SVU's first season.

  • When A Hack Driver And Serbian War Criminal Is Murdered And John Bobbitted, Here's What We Learn: Benson Gets Proxy-Cruised By A Suspect, Stabler Has Some Hair And All The Kids, Munch Is A Paranoid Cuckold, Cassidy And Jefferies Exist…What Else, What Else. Ohhhh Yeah: Benson Is Taking! It! Personally! Because She's The Product Of Her Mother's Rape. No Wonder I Forgot; It Never Comes Up Again. …HA HA HA HA HA Just Kidding. Sigh
  • The Icky GYN Who Raped Dr. Olivet Paid Young Livia Soprano Off To Keep Quiet About His Bad-Touching Her; Cassidy Testifies, Spittily, In A Subway "Fromage" Case
  • Remember When We Had To Care About The Little Stablers Every Week? Stabler Is All Concernicus That One Of Them (Not The DUI Dipshit Or The Little One, Or Dickie; The Other One) Is Anorexic; Meanwhile, Danni Sofer Killed Two Young Models For Boinking Her Photog Fiancé
  • Benson And Jefferies Go Rock-Climbing (?); The Show Is Still Doing That "Show One Detective In Court Each Episode" Thing; Vice Cop Dick Barone's Partner John Whitsig From Sisters Is Killing Hookers
  • Jill Taylor's Teenage Daughter Killed The Lodger; Stabler Is A Smothering Weirdo About His Teenage Daughter Dating A Junior
  • A Creepy French Prof Sees A Drunk College Girl Fall "Off Her Shoes" (Hey: Been There) And Makes Love To Her Corpse (Hey: Barf); Reverend Al Sharpton Plays Himself; Blah Blah Blah Incorrigible Maureen-Cakes
  • The Squad Harasses Registered Offender Bill Turbit For Raping And Killing A Boy Dickie Stabler's Age, And There Is Much Stilted Socratic Dialogue About Pattern Behavior And The Rights Of The Community Before It Turns Out Two Skate Rats Did It
  • Colin Harrigan's Dad Is A Stalker; Greg Moltisanti Works The Scene
  • Crooked Financier Stan Kelly From The Commish BDSMs A Colleague To Death
  • The Tracy Pollan One Where Benson Bones Cassidy And Then Blows Him Off
  • Beadie Russell's Husband, Jimmy Keefe, PTSD Gay-Bashes A Kid At His Ex-Con Brother's Urging; Benson Looks For Her Rapist Dad
  • The Russian From "Pine Barrens" Makes The Most Of His One Smirky Line In An Episode About Brighton Beach Call Girls
  • Chico Guerra Looks Good For The Murder Of A Sex-For-Verdicts Judge, But A Flight Attendant Killed Him For Ending Their BJs-For-No-Parole-For-Her-Abusive-Husband Arrangement; Cassidy Bails
  • After Clay Davis Gets Reamed At A CompStat Meeting, Benson And Stabler Have To Fix William Rawls's Fuck-Up Before The Statute Of Limitations Runs Out, But The Quaker Victim Won't Help
  • Crossover Alert!: One Of Adam's Shady Fake-Kennedy Friends Protects Her Granddaughter, Sebastian Kydd's Fake-Kennedy Mom, From A Murder Rap In A Case Logan Couldn't Close Back In The Day
  • ME Cedric Daniels Consults On A Boston-Strangler-Esque Case In Which Denis O'Hare Is For Once Not Representing Himself, But His Performance As A Delayed Man Is His Best In The L&O-verse
  • Rev. Bernard Chenowith Cuckolds His Son (Played By His Real-Life Son)
  • 2014-05-06-svu-02
  • After Lucy Danziger Lies That She Was Raped So She Won't Get Busted For Boning Dru Valentine, Louis Ironson Explains "Cookies" To Us, Munch Poses As A 12-Year-Old Girl, And The Prefix "Cyber-" Is Bandied Hilariously About Prior To The Least Credible Pedo-Summit Sting Op Imaginable
  • Clone High's Joan Is Attacked On The Subway, And Lou From Fargo Is Wrongly Arrested For It; Benson Dates Skeezy Crime Reporter Scott Templeton And Pays The Price
  • TV Reporter Jennifer Esposito Teams With Munch (When He's Not Attending "A Chomsky Lecture"…Oh, Munch) To Catch Her Rapist, Then Gets Flower-Bombed
  • Blane McDonnagh Has A Sex-Slave Housekeeper, And Blane's Wife's Vet Assistant Is Doug Stamper; Proto-Huang Audra McDonald Analyzes The Unit To See Who's Taking! It! TOO! Personally!


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