Robin Williams Talked Third-Trimester Pregnancy On Late Show With David Letterman

He's also promoting Hook. Oops?

What the hell? In late '91, Robin Williams and a truly legendary jacket hit Letterman to do some bits about "baby caca," bribing a nine-months-pregnant lady with Haagen Dazs (...well, it was 1991; I guess this shit was fresh then), Brando/butter jokes, and the sort of groaner I kind of love about the wisdom of "roasting" Richard Pryor.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Once again, trying (and once again failing) to find that damn Thursday's Child movie with Rob Lowe.

Who cares? To locate you in Williams's timeline, his son Cody's about to be born, and he's promoting The Fisher King; the clip sent me down a wikihole about Pryor, actually (maybe I read this wrong, but it seems like he remarried several of his ex-wives?), and now I want to watch the Beeb documentary about Pryor. Dig Bridges in this Fisher King clip. Best hair in Hollywood.

He's also promoting Hook. Can't win 'em all, I guess.