Watch Seth Meyers Interview Trump Presidential Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway About The Report That Trump Has Been Compromised By Russian Operatives

'We're fans!' - Kellyanne. (She means of NBC.) Guys? It's awkward.

It's been a pretty big day for shocking reports about the president-elect, and no, I'm not referring to that "soft sensuality" business the inauguration planner busted out earlier this afternoon, although...that was also shocking and upsetting. No, I mean the CNN report that "Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him" -- past tense; this reportedly occurred last week. (Buzzfeed has more, as you already know if you spent even ten seconds on Twitter this evening.) The CNN story broke just as Late Night host Seth Meyers was getting ready to start taping tonight's episode, so he got to ask Conway about it. And while Conway has already shown us, in countless interviews, that she is a very smooth talker regardless of whom she might be talking to, about what, and how much of what she says is credible, this is still a pretty remarkable conversation.


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