Watch Late Night's Amber Ruffin Read And Annotate Donald Trump's Disastrous Speech Kicking Off Black History Month

It was a bad speech, but you may not appreciate HOW bad until you hear writer Amber Ruffin walk you through it.

I feel I must tell you before you watch this clip that the speech Late Night writer is referring to -- which President Donald Trump delivered at a kickoff meeting for African-American leaders, to mark Black History Month, and yet didn't include anyone from the NAACP or the National Urban League -- is entirely real. You can watch it. It's so weird and confusing that it even took down Sean Spicer hours after the event, and inspired this pointed response from Frederick Douglass's descendants. So while the bit is very funny, THE REAL EVENTS THAT INSPIRED IT ARE SAD AND HORRIFYING.

Okay: now you can watch.


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