Preview Late Night's Closer Look At The Ways Trump's Proposed Budget Breaks Promises He Made As A Candidate

'I have a feeling math errors are what caused Trump to go bankrupt four times. "That was a great dinner. Now to leave a tip. Let's see, it was $200, 20%, that's $9 million." I'm just kidding. He never left a tip.'

"Even if somehow there is eventually an impeachment and Trump is removed from office, that would take months -- possibly even years -- and while he's still here, he and Republicans in Congress can do significant damage. Just yesterday, for example, the Trump White House unveiled its budget proposal for next year with the title 'A New Foundation For American Greatness,' and as a general rule, you should trust a thing less the longer its name is. For example, if you were sick, would you rather take penicillin, or a handful of Dr. Wickersham's Miracle Fizz Pills?"


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