Mets Bucket Hat Guy Is Fallon's Only Audience Member

As previously reported, dangerous conditions in New York, due to Hurricane Sandy, forced the cancellation of several late-night shows that tape in the city, while The Late Show With David Letterman and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon soldiered on, minus the usual studio audience. Well, I guess in the case of Late Night, that's not strictly true: one guy showed up -- and it's a guy we've seen on Late Night before.

Mets Bucket Hat Guy -- maybe the world's foremost fan of Jimmy Fallon and word association -- is Late Night writer Mike DiCenzo, someone you should get to know. if you watch Late Night, you've seen him before; here's his last pre-Sandy performance as MBHG.

Here he is playing Gus DiLello in my personal favourite recurring Late Night bit (now that they've stopped doing Video Vision): Cupid's Arrow.

And here he is on Twitter, being great.

Thank you, Mike DiCenzo, for all you do. We like you now a whole lot.


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