Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live's Extremely Authentic ER Reunion With George Clooney And Hugh Laurie

It's already the television event of the year!

George Clooney visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote Hail, Caesar!, his latest film with the Coen brothers. And to make his appearance extra-special, Kimmel arranged a reunion of the cast of ER, the show that really launched Clooney's career back in the '90s. That said reunion ends up involving just Clooney and Hugh Laurie is, Kimmel says, due to the fact that the rest of the actual cast members of ER were too hard to get...but seriously, you know Edwards and Springfield had nothing better to do last night!

Also, is Hugh Laurie just not speaking in his English accent ever now? I know he's supposed to be playing House for most of this, but when he first comes out, he's just being himself. I swear I've heard him doing VO on a commercial in his (not great) American accent. IT'S WEIRD.