Meet Jessica Jones's Cage Heat

Can we interest you in a cocktail?

Name: Luke Cage.
Age: Mid-thirties.
Occupation: Bartender.
Height: 6'3".
Weight: 230 pounds of muscle.
Location: Hell's Kitchen.
Education: Step to me and you'll get one.
Seeking: Solace in the wake of my wife's death via bus crash. Uh, I mean "women." I'm not interested in married women, but it's not like I'm going to ask you a lot of questions, so all you really have to do is put the ring in your pocket and belly up to my bar.
For: Immediate, rough, apartment-wrecking and damage-deposit-forfeiting sex.
About Me: I have (practically literally) abs of steel, and I'm willing to destroy a perfectly good power saw just to prove it. I tried to be a hero once, but it didn't work out. Being a hero just puts a target on your back. So if that's your trip, you're welcome to it, but it's not mine. And just to get this out of the way, I'm black. This isn't a racial thing, is it? Just kidding.

No, but seriously: is it?

About You: You're gifted like me; you might not have the exact same gifts that I do, but you'll understand what it's like to be special. One thing's for sure: you presumably won't actually be responsible for the death of my wife while you're under the mind-control of a guy named Kilgrave. The whole notion of mind control sounds ridiculous to me, no matter what's going on with Trish Talk today.
In Relationships, I... ...promptly replace the bed we'll break, and then text you to let you know it's ready for another round. Not that we'll be having sex only in the bed.
On Our First Date, We'd... ..."Date"? Take it easy. You know what this is.
Contact Me If... get your shit together. Like I said, I'm not going to ask you a lot of questions. And next time, bring your own toothbrush.
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