Jessica Jones Should Just Avoid Menfolk Always

Maybe she could be better at the hero thing, but no one deserves the crap she gets in S01.E12.

I'll admit that the ending of this episode is quite a reversal. After Luke had, several episodes ago, lobbed some of the worst dumping dialogue ever at Jessica to punish her for finally coughing up the truth about Reva's death ("You let me be inside you! Mean lady, using the sexy time against me!"), future superhero teamwork seemed unlikely. No more breaking-the-bed sex, no more working together to beat the snot out of bad guys, no more riding around on a motorcycle in tiny helmets. Really tragic.

But then the bombing happened, and with it came Luke's seeming realization, oh shit, this Kilgrave dude's for real! Go figure! While his sudden recommitment to Team Jessica should have made us leery, we all wanted it so badly we didn't care, right? Luke came to his senses! Yes, the fact that there was mushy talk about feelings and forgiveness and not grunting followed by head-banging sex was another clue. But that doesn't mean it didn't make my head explode when we discovered that Luke is really a Jessica-killing machine that talks pretty for a minute or two as foreplay.

Anyway, I just can't with this, in part because it gets pretty confusing at the end. When Luke is trying to Hulk-smash Jessica and tells her he could never forgive her, is that him talking or Kilgrave talking? If most of the key moments between Jess and Luke were scripted by Kilgrave, how did Luke know when to spit out Kilgrave's lines? Was everything else just dumped under a blanket "convince Jessica you still dig her" directive? How exactly did this puppet master routine work?

Of course, none of this matters (at least for the moment) because Jessica has no choice but to shoot Luke in the head, because of course things can always get more awful. Really, so much happens in the last few minutes of the episode I just want to lie down, because it is way too much to handle.

Luke being everything-proof apparently doesn't mean bullets just bounce off of him, as brains tend to swell and bleed internally if they get knocked hard enough. (I've been paying attention to the athletes and the concussions and stuff.) So, maybe he's dead but maybe he's not and we have exactly one more episode to learn the intricacies of brain injuries in unbreakable people.

In other WTF news:



Malcolm and Robyn have become weird besties. I don't need more of this ever. Can't she just get fifty cats and start hoarding newspapers like a good big city shut-in and get it over with?



Trish's mom stops by to set up Season 2 and freak us all out when we look her up and realize she's played by Rebecca De Mornay.



And Kilgrave scares the crap out of his dad by making him put his hand in a blender. Albert doesn't touch the blades, but. This. Face.

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